Hand made paper flowers (card-making-magic.com)

Hand made paper flowers (card-making-magic.com)

Make your own flowers to match all your projects. Use the papers you have for your card.

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Christina Griffiths

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  1. My first flower fell apart in many petals.. the next two flowers are in one piece but  look like a cross between an 8 legged critter and a sputnik- all set for Halloween? 😀 this time I will actually measure my squares of paper. I am glad I ran across this for lesser used flower sizes this is the economical way to go plus the petals can be just as I want- oh, and gears, can cut my own gears and wheels should I have a need for them. Thanks Christina!

  2. The glue that I am using is called Pinflair Glue Gel and it comes in a tube complete with the syringe and a winding key… so that you can get every last drop out of the tube. It lasts in the sealed tube for a couple of years and in the syringe for a couple of weeks. It's not cheap … but it is good glue.

  3. Christina…I am soo new at this, but I so enjoyed your video and your voice with the soft music really made me relax while watching. Thank you again. Oh, and did you buy the glue in a bottle and then load it into a shot container, or did you buy it that way? Thank you..

  4. hi i found this by mistake last night and didn't save it and its taken me 2 hours tonight to find you again. this is by far the simplest way to make a flower and it looks so nice. thanks you

  5. Thank you so much! Going to make flowers straight away! Great way to use up all those little bits that I always regret to throw away but never really use anymore. Thanks!!

  6. @TheChespice27 Hi glad you liked it and it is a good way to use up all those precious scraps …I hate to throw them away. There are more flowers on the website that you can make without a die cutting machine. Try the Organza flower and just cut out the circles freehand. I will be adding more in the future and there are lots of ideas on the website. And the Paper Roses makes lifelike flowers and again no die cutting… just make the template as shown and use it over and over again.

  7. i love your flower… it's very easy to do and no more die cut machine to use.. because here in the philippines it's very expensive. love it… more projects please..

  8. @kmingersol Hello ….I use a wet glue and it is just a cheap general purpose one from the local DIY store.

  9. @anupreetharaj Hi there…if you watch the video carefully you will see that you don't need a punch at all to make the flowers.

  10. i love these flower idea , and you make them really lovely. sometimes i can,nt find a flower to match on my cards and you have gave me the best idea ever , really original , i went on your site and you ve got the most fantastic cards . make more videos thankyou Jackie

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