Hand Made Journal Book with Tyvek

Hand Made Journal Book with Tyvek

This video is about creating a Hand Made Journal with a Tyvek cover.

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Caterina Giglio

27 thoughts on “Hand Made Journal Book with Tyvek

  1. Thanks for the inspiration! I love working with Tyvek, and I also love the paint colors you used for the cover. Can you please repeat the color names and explain the the use of ink crystals? Thank you.

  2. I know this video was posted over a year ago BUT WOW! Thank you!!! I am a newbie at this and I bumped into your video and boy am I glad I did!!!! Thank you for sharing your gifts and talents with all of us!!!! You are amazing!!! I am now gonna be hooked on your channel!

  3. I just found you, and I'm already a groupie! lol. LOVE the faux leather look using the Tyvek. Cannot wait to see more of your videos. Thanks so much for sharing your creativity with us. 😀

  4. Fran Brown – I used some Tyvek tape for the spine and used the hidden spine technique and the glue does not stick to the tyvek tape. Used Tacky glue and then Wellbond. Please advise.

  5. Are you wearing gloves when using gel medium because it leaves a sticky residue on your hands OR is gel medium dangerous to use?

  6. I have only just discovered your channel and I love the work you do. I particularly enjoy your use of a natural, neutral pallet. I am an experienced mixed media artist but my chief joy is that there are always new things to learn. Thank you for sharing your ideas so generously. Carol UK

  7. Hi! Would you please explain what you mean by “mixed media paper” rather than regular paper? I’m still trying to learn the proper language of book/journal making. I think I found my other questions already answered in the comments but didn’t see this one. Thank you so much! 💜

  8. This is such an amazing and fun project! Also a great tutorial! What kind of paint did you use to paint the tyvek? Is it acrylic paint? You advised to use PVA glue on tyvek on one of the comments, and which brand of PVA glue do you recommend? I tried using Elmer's glue that is PVA based on my previous project and the tyvek didn't stick 🙁

  9. Lovely tutorial – thank you so much! Would love to see a flip-through of the original journal … the pages look wonderful!

  10. This is a wonderful, well-done tutorial! Thanks so much – just two weeks ago I was searching for a tutorial for using Tyvek like this and couldn't find one. Were you using soft gel medium for the glue?

  11. Hi Cat!! I thoroughly enjoyed this video. I have only made old book journals by gessoing the existing pages. Have always wanted to make an actual book with my own signatures. You made it look easy. I will definitely be making one. LOVE the look of the Tyvek!! Thank you for this video. By the way, your hair is looking SO pretty. What a beautiful shade it is growing out.

  12. LOVE THE LOOK! I am a little confused about the signature threading..your video shows two different stitchings in the center, but only one set of stitching holes along the spine..did I miss something?

  13. Great ideea using the Tayvek for the cover. Only way I used it was for the spine or making texture for mix media collage. I love how it's looking and definitely I will try this teqnique. TFS Hugs

  14. Really loved this. The instructions were so easy to understand. Thank you so much for sharing this great technique!

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