Hand Made Dried Italian Sausage, the old fashioned way

Hand Made Dried Italian Sausage, the old fashioned way

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I love a good Italian dry sausage and I love to make it from scratch.

2 lb. pork shoulder
1/4 teaspoon garlic powder
1/2 teaspoon fennel seed
1/2 teaspoon coarse pepper
1/4 teaspoon chile powder

I put the sausage in my garage fridge and adjusted the temp. of the fridge to about 50F And put a big bowl of water to keep the humidity up to about 70%-75% The fridge is doing the job.

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34 thoughts on “Hand Made Dried Italian Sausage, the old fashioned way

  1. Hi i am sausage maker since I was in highschool and I found the best tool to use for had stuffing suasage was using a the half end of the bottle and using the spout as funnel .

  2. Man, you do the cutting the slow hard way. You should look into and learn the 2 knife scissor method of chopping/cutting sausage meat.

  3. You filthy disgusting animal! You're preparing foods with no regard for basic hygiene; atrocious surroundings, stinking fridge and no clothes or hair net to hold back your 'personal marinade'! You're a vomit job!

  4. Some guys like watching a naked guy making sausage…nothing wrong with that…
    Not me, though…that's not the way I roll…

  5. All my credit to showing the bare minimalist approach of making them sausages… I don't care about your fridge or bare chest… all cool mate

  6. Hand made Italian salami the old fashioned way…….uses rice paper casing hahahah FAIL and you didn’t use enough salt to cure the meat, You need 3% salt. Then he pokes holes in it to let the air out. Frozen meat, fan dried, unseasoned and all done on his washing machine😳Do not try this at home guys, you could make people ver sick.

  7. lol a few things made me laugh here but thanks for the education. i see quite a few things id do different but as long as u r happy its all good.

  8. Seems like it would be super salty.. pork is already salty then to add salt.. idk but I came here to learn how to case without a machine. Thank you!

  9. Scott I just love the video, the man SAID !!!! THIS IS HOW THEY MADE SAUSAGE IN THE 1800s thats 200 years ago.

  10. I think Scott kicked the bucket, there is no second video LOL 🙂 love all the comments thank you. I almost vomited

  11. Keep up the good work, Scott, don't mind the sissy comments below….and thanks for the recipe tips!

  12. Hey Dude, I love that you are passionate enough about your food to make a video to share with the world, but, have you ever watched the talent shows where the contestant goes on stage and you think, "What made them think that they have any talent. Did they realise that they have nothing to offer in this area and no friends to advise accordingly. What were they thinking"?
    I'm sorry, but, you are the 'YouTube chef tutorial', equivalent. I watched, only from sheer astonishment and morbid curiosity. Did you eat the finished product and were you ill?
    Watch this;
    It's natural and hygienic.

  13. That fridge is disgusting dirty.
    If you're going to make a sausage video set a good hygiene standard by keeping everything clean.

  14. i love the concept of making italian Sausage without a machine but you could've worn a clean shirt preferably white and cleaned ur frig….

  15. WARNING Scott be warned White PVC is 75% Asbestos or more its not food grade pipe for food or water.Many people don't know this but its common ask the hardware guy they should know but some of them don't either I'm a pipe fitter welder one thing do know is pipe 20 years welding and fishing Alaska Bering Sea.When Ive seen it used to set up drinking fountains and food service products it pretty common that most people don't know to only drink from the grey pipe it's food grade WARNING WHITE PVC IS POISION! ! ! 😕 GREY IS GOOD TELL YOUR FAMILY'S AND FRIENDS check with the company who makes it .

  16. hahaha, yes! Scott is the shit. I bet he drinks cheap beer and knocks his gfs around. Cutting pork on a dryer….epic dude.

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