Hand made cobblestone cut and Portuguese pavement laying techniques Roc2c

Hand made cobblestone cut and Portuguese pavement laying techniques Roc2c

Roc2c is a worldwide operation specialized in the concept, design and deployment of beautiful cobblestone pavements known as “Calçada à Portuguesa”, made of natural stone extracted from our private quarries.

Process Description

Roc2c has several teams of extraction, transformation and application of natural stone. It also includes a team of designers and architects responsible for customizing each project.
In any of our project, our main goal and focus, is to make a high quality lifetime pavement and also the total customer satisfaction.
The process is the one used for many years, based in traditional techniques, and using only high quality cobblestone, so our work can be perfect.

– Our Master Pavers team with more than 15 years experience in portuguese pavement;
– Our Stone quarry or qualified and certified suppliers;
– Traditional paving techniques and methods, mixing different types of cobblestone;
– Portuguese cobblestone paving is a lifetime pavement, only made by artisans, art and knowledge passed from generation to generation.

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Roc2c Pavements - Calçada Portuguesa

33 thoughts on “Hand made cobblestone cut and Portuguese pavement laying techniques Roc2c

  1. Just plain old good work Brothers. Thanks for taking the time. Please post more films . Bob from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

  2. Looks like nice artwork. But one question, they are putting stones on powder sand (not compressed), how you expect the surface to keep straight surface after some time.. stones should sink and after some time the surface should be uneven??

  3. puts UK roads to shame. awful pothole laden tarmac often just patched up only to become even bigger holes when we have rain or frost. these cobblestones are beautiful. a work of art. such a shame that a lot of our cobbles have either been ripped up or had tarmac put on top. so short sighted.

  4. Amazing people doing equally amazing work. This video popped up in My list of 'recommended videos' due to watching videos on MineCraft block types. Thoroughly enjoyed this video. Thank you for showing us how Cobblestone roads and paths are made. We take so much for granted these days, without realising how much effort goes into the production of.. well, everything!

  5. Beautiful work, respect to your workers. I would like an estimate for a 1,200 driveway and possibly more in Voluntown, CT. StillWatersPond.com.

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