Hand Made by Spanish mime actor Carlos Martínez

Hand Made by Spanish mime actor Carlos Martínez

In this video trailer for the show “HAND MADE” by Spanish mime actor Carlos Martínez you can see extracts from the pieces The Rose, The Barber, The Butterfly, My First Flight and Bus Stop.

Carlos Martínez was destined for the silent art and the language of gesture and complicity. For over 30 years he has refined his craft in order to communicate freely around the world. Recorded live at the Theaterhaus in Stuttgart, Germany, the DVD Hand Made contains the actor’s most emblematic pieces.

The stage show received the prize of honour, voted by the audience as the best show, of the XXI Almada Theatre Festival, Portugal.

Hand Made — a genuine mark of identity!

Hand Made DVD:
Running time: 62 minutes, bonus material: 24 minutes / dolby digital, 16:9, code free

More information on https://www.carlosmartinez.es/en/shows/hand-made/
The DVD can be ordered here:


Copying, uploading or performing any piece of Carlos Martínez is not permitted. All his work is protected by copyright.

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Carlos Martínez

16 thoughts on “Hand Made by Spanish mime actor Carlos Martínez

  1. Did anyone else notice that in the barber scene, every successive knot of the cloth becomes smaller? Excellent level of precision.

  2. The video description lists the act names so you fools can realize what's going on on the video with ease. Great show, btw.

  3. Carlos you are absolutely brilliant ! Your comic timing and movements are precise and beautiful. Your style of humor is similar to mine, perhaps one day we will perform together. Continue to shine my friend !

  4. He is very good but i didnt catch on until the airplane part maybe that is my fault, but i did not get the small object part

  5. The actor is great but the cut of the video is miserable – it confuses the watcher because it removes the sense of the scenes.

  6. Ahh i see…it was a trailer. I thought it was the whole show…sorry if i offended you at all.

    Haha, the reason it confused me was because of all the cuts lol. I didnt even think that it was a tralier. Silly me i guess.

    Despite the confusion, you are an amazing talent.

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