Hand made all-aluminum Spyder 550 Porsche tribute car

Hand made all-aluminum Spyder 550 Porsche tribute car

Spyder 550 Hand Crafted Tribute Car FOR SALE

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28 thoughts on “Hand made all-aluminum Spyder 550 Porsche tribute car

  1. Why all the hatred for fiberglass? Porsche made hundreds of classic race cars (904, 906 etc) from fiberglass. Speedsport's business model is kinda detached from reality…Either its a real 550 or it isn't. If it's not real, which these cars aren't, who cares what the body is made from? Seems like a really expensive way to buy what should be an inexpensive replica.

  2. Love this car ,would love to make it my next project.Heres the aluminum rod Im working on now! https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=avro+speedster Please like and subscribe Thanks

  3. allergic to fibreglass?????? Guess I don't want a Porsche 904 GTS Carrera…or a Porsche 906,907,908,910,917,917/10,917/30…all made of fibreglass. You make a nice car…but a little more respect would do you well. Chuck Beck does a very nice car…most still on the road and youre kinda saying Porsche didn't know what they were doing with glassfibre. All of these Porsches I mentioned made of fibreglass were all winners.

  4. WOW that's an amazing car ,I've always wanted one of these & hopefully one day I'll be ringing you to place an order 🙏 Its my dream car.

  5. I feel sooooooooooo sorry for those poor 'folks' forced to race one of these instead of their real 550 Spyder. Well no, I don't really. You'll note that such mundane things as 'how much' are carefully avoided here.

  6. One thing, Aluminium does not last on steel. does anyone know if these guys have got any technic to avoid that?

  7. Yeah, it's nice, but the attention to details…not that nice. It's the panel gaps that show the true craftmanship.. at 4:22 I wasn't impressed anymore.

  8. I been saving my pennies for 2 years now but I am 60 years old I dont think I am going to make it .

  9. you say its a handful?? lol.. Try running a 550 with a SharkWerks stroked 1986 3.4 930 Turbo with a G50 Transaxle whixh dynod at SW at 627BHP AND 561LBS/TRQ.. NOW let me ask… since I have a 1980 LP400S AND 1986 LP5000 QUATTROVALVOLE COUNTACH along with a pair of 08 Porsche GT3 RS & GT2 RS Manual 6 speeds.. along with my daily driver which is SUPERFORMANCE CONTINUATION STEEL TUB 1966 REGISTERED RHD GT40 MKII with a ROUSH SBF 427 and ZF QUAIFE RH SILL SHIFT 5 SPEED MOODY OWNED /Hutcherson driven Le Mans liivery #5. 3rd place var im Gold and Coral Pink trim exactly like chassis 23 except the weight and Hp are much more efficient than the Y block 427 and weighes over 350lbs less than the original and in the stand TX 2k17 ran 231.536mph…through 6 piston Brembo Brakes both front and rear..WHY spend such an indaane amount for a repkics.. its NOT. a continuation build as the GT40 CARROLL SHELBY SUPPORTED THE BUILD.. ITS 98% INTERCHANGEABLE WITH THE ORIGINAL…SOMETHING THAT THE '3D' PRINTED!!???
    CAR YOU ARE BUILDING CAN NOT DO. BTW..HOW MUCH IS A 800 ORIGINAL KILOMETER 4 CAM 1.5L THAT WAS FRESHENED UP BY THE PORSCHE Dream shop in Stuttgart 7 months ago. If thecprice is right.. ill sell it. whats your emai?? I send u copies of the Paperwork from Porsche and historic provenance the whole drive train carries..I have the matching # Transaxle and entire totalled car…if u want tge chassis # and info as well as the cars i have..let me know. i have 16 930 Turbos my pop bought new starting in 1976 along with 1980 to 85 Euro cars being my dad and I were back living in the U.k.over that time period. we are obviously both British and STILL have Resident Alien Green Cards.. We own a small Vintage/Exotic manual transmission focused Dealership and mutivehicle certified repair shop here in Vail Colorado.. We also have a large collection of 1950s Jaguar Race cars in the warehouse. its up to u if ur interested..Take care.CB

  10. I love these, I just made a review of one myself. Take a look if you want more Porsche 550 Spyder action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4PWec_VKUYA. Thanks!

  11. I am a former owner of the original 1956 550-1500 RS Porsche Spyder # 90….recently being offered for auction on the www. The only change that I can see and that I don't agree with is the color of the rear fender striping. It is Blue, not red, on the original. My mate, Fred Sebald, also built a Beck's fiberglass replica car using all our original photos of the original # 90. Check out the recent auction pages for the sale of the 550 #90, of Vijay Mallya's collection for yourself and for more history. Gail Patricia Bauderer-Sebald……

  12. This is absolutely gorgeous! Hope the historic racing thing works out so no 60 year old aluminum will get bent in the future. Get hold of Jay Leno for some publicity.

  13. I'd like to see an all aluminum vintage styled fiat 500 with the modern fiat 500 I2 engine. I imagine it would probably weigh in less than the 1100LB original stock weight, even with the larger engine.

    The mileage should be phenomenal, unfortunately I don't think the modern I2 is available in the US.
    It would probably perform good as well.

  14. I am in the preliminary stages of figuring out the best fit 550, I want to begin with a "STOCK-ish" set up then I think mod it into something with an STi engine, AWD, 5 speed clutch tranny.  I see this and I am also in the state of Florida like ALLOY, and always had a negative thing for fiberglass, etc.  Is the car painted? available without paint?  T)

  15. Even though I'd LOVE to own a car like that because I loved James Dean's car R.I.P. Jimmy, I'm sorry but for 4 mill I'd much rather pay off my bills, help other poor people including fam and buy my own dream home as well as a brand new sports car. But that much just for ONE car? Nah! It's only for the MEGA rich! I think James Dean's Porsche was only $7,000 in '55! And now look how much one costs today! Unreal!! Jimmy would freak out if he knew that now days! 🙂 Such a cute sexy little car!

  16. Yeah. I would probably try to make a nice looking roof for it or something for practicality reasons.

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