Hand Crafted – The Saddle Maker

Hand Crafted – The Saddle Maker

In this episode, we’ll meet a master craftsman from a small rural community in Debolt, Alberta. Operated with help from his wife and eight children, his unique Saddle shop is truly a family business.
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6 thoughts on “Hand Crafted – The Saddle Maker

  1. I was a saddle maker up to 2000, next mth I am starting back, your right in what you say we are lucky we can work from home, you have a scenic area where you live.

  2. I was very fortunate enough to pick this trade up two years ago at the age of 17 and I have fallen in love with the trade more and more every day

  3. I have found this entire series of 'Hand Crafted' to be so inspirational, you know, "you CAN do it". This particular episode is my favourite…I think the guy here is a gem…one of life's wonderful people. Thanks TELUS. Cheers.

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