Hand Crafted | The Broom Maker

Hand Crafted | The Broom Maker

In this episode, we’ll meet an artist from Crawford Bay who uses old-world materials and construction methods to create brooms that are uniquely functional, and surprisingly beautiful.

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16 thoughts on “Hand Crafted | The Broom Maker

  1. I saw one of these beauties at a roadside shop on Vancouver Island. I was thoroughly enamoured, and swore I'd figure out where it had come from, but the woman at the counter didn't know, as it wasn't hers… I'm happy to have finally figured it out.

  2. I really appreciate your craftsmanship.I grew up in a family of artists and craftspeople, and I've been in love with handmade items my entire life.I'd love to do this for a living.

  3. thanks.broom is useful for sweeping wood-floor.i prefer wood-floor rather than carpet.carpet makes me sneeze repeatedly many times,especially during usa-open-tennis-season/hay-fever-allergic-season.maybe i'm allergic to ragweed

  4. Well done old (young) chap great craftmanship, definately gonna get my girl one of these for encouragement.

    . . . and as a wise man (maybe!) once said (also maybe): Open bracket, underscore closed bracket underscore, closed bracket equals equals equals equals equals equals, upper case d.

  5. Why is there a tipi on there property? Also no shout out to where the broomcorn comes from?

    They make beautiful brooms but these tho!

  6. Thank you for continuing this tradition. I would rather pay for a handmade, authentic product that has a life built into it that some souless object bought from God knows where. You respect it more and cherish it more.

  7. Wow. Gives you so much more appreciation when you can see the process and person behind the product.

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