Hand-built ceramic sculpture by SJ Lane

Hand-built ceramic sculpture by SJ Lane

This is my process of hand-building ceramic sculptures. Each piece is carved, burnished, and reduction fired.

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Shaw Lane

27 thoughts on “Hand-built ceramic sculpture by SJ Lane

  1. My God Lady Shaw, Get a wheel! Turn your own pottery. The time you take to make one pot, you could turn 10. Also please next time. Put the camera where your hands are. You also did too much time on some things, but not enough on others. For example: You went from one course of "rope" on your base then jumped to a 12 inch tall vase. When you were smoothing them and blending together. We could not see your hands. You can also roll out your clay and cut a cone if you know how. 2 angles and 2 radius. Very simple. Join the straight lines and you have a angled bowl. You could then work it from there. Or several layers of rolled out 4 inch or so pieces to stack instead of rolled "snakes". Geesh, you're beating yourself to death!

  2. Your process is amazing. I have been taking pottery classes & just love the wheel, but too expensive for me to get for home. This just shows that you can make stunning pieces without all the expensive equipment. I will have to be on the lookout for a used kiln. Thank you for sharing your amazing work!

  3. One other quick question. Do you prefer to perform your reduction firing this way, over the use of a gas kiln? Or is it the outcome (appearance), space, coding, time… issue for you?

  4. WOW! I am so very impressed with your technique. It seems so simplistic, although I am not fooled and realize the immense talent it takes to complete such a beautiful work of art. It gives me the courage to try, knowing it really doesn't take 1000s of dollars in equipment to begin. Thank you

  5. it is very beautiful !! the only complaint … camera show moving pot but not what she is doing with her hands ,

  6. I don't understand how it 's possible to open the kiln before the end of program. I can't open mine (Nabertherm top80) before 100°C. Can you explain it please ?

  7. When you are working on the second piece, what are you putting on the lip before you add your rolled out log?

  8. Hard to see what you're doing with writing in the middle of the screen. Seeing what you are doing when you are "raising the walls" would help too.

  9. Thank you so much for sharing your artistry! I'm inspired by the simplicity and timelessness of your pieces. I'm just getting started with ceramics and look forward to working with clay in many ways giving voice to my own style of artistry! Brava!!!

  10. Love your work Sarah!
    I've just bought my first kiln so looking forward to creating some exciting pieces very soon.

  11. I use Lizella clay which is an earthenware clay. When I do the firing, if I want to make it black, I remove it from the kiln when it is at 900 degrees. I put it into a can with sawdust, add more sawdust, cover, and the smoke oxidized the surface making it black. It is call reduction firing. Hope this helps!

  12. I really liked your video a lot! I loved your pot! I wish you had narrated your building techniques to explain the steps a little. Nice job!!!

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