H.M HEN pellets handmade mold

H.M HEN pellets handmade mold

This video will show how mold works correctly. Use H.M HEN exactly this way. It’ll work for you all your life. It can make a hundred thousand or more perfect pellets.
You can contact our email address: hmhenmold@gmail.com

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32 thoughts on “H.M HEN pellets handmade mold

  1. If you have questions about our products. Please contact our
    email address: hmhenmold@gmail.com

    The price of each HEN is 800USD (excluding slugs's HEN). This price does not include shipping price and extra service charge 4/4% of PayPal.

    About shipping price:The exact shipping price depends on the total weight of the merchandise and accessories purchased by the customer. When I finish the final package, I will ask UPS according to the exact zip code. Ups will give me the most accurate and accurate shipping price.

    About accessories and prices:
    H.MHEN box:40USD(Strong boxes help to protect effectively during shipping. The function of sealing can help prevent rust.)
    Planer: 20USD (High Quality Planer from STANLEY, UK, for removing excess lead from the tail after pellets are made)
    Lead wire cutter: 30USD (used to cut lead wire into fixed length to avoid waste of lead wire).
    Lead wire: 7USD/1kg/2.2lb (each pellets needs lead wire of different diameters to make, otherwise it may lead to head defect of pellets, for example, making. 22/16.50 pellets needs 3.5mm diameter lead wire, while making. 22/18.30gr pellets needs 3.2mm lead wire. The quality of lead wire is directly related to accuracy. Please choose high quality lead wire. There is no impurity in the lead wire.If you need to customize the lead wire containing antimony, you need 8USD per kg.)
    Hand press:This is a very important accessory. Only use it to make pellets. A manual press with the principle of elbow pole shall be used. I hope you find it in your country. If you need to buy from China, there are two prices. 100 and 600USD. The 100USD is a blue manual press. It's rough and requires careful adjustment of the pressure stroke, but it works perfectly, and the pellets are perfect. Another is the 600USD Green Press, which is a highly copying German version of the same type of product, it is easy to adjust the itinerary, and when making pellets you feel more relaxed, of course it is expensive.

  2. 800.00 plus shipping and 4% for PayPal fee lmfao🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 you know how many tons of JSB pellets 800 plus can bye? What a joke

  3. Не очень рационально используется свинец слишком много облоя как следствие ненужная лишняя операция возможно все проще точнее нужно нарезать заготовки с минимальным отходом облоя я так делаю . За 18 минут 20 пулек не плохой результат вручную у меня на пропечатку передней части пульки уходит 12 сек на пропечатку задней юбки чуть больше результат примерно такой-же но калибр моих поменьше 4.5 мм

  4. 18 minutes to make 10 pellets, Must have plenty of time on your hands ?.Interesting video though, Would have been better without that dreadful music. Thanks anyway

  5. perfect.. no use to waste more words on it. just in one word "PERFECT"
    I think most people don't get how many hours of work it takes. can see you love to do it!!
    Is it possible to buy a amount of pellets to test shoot?

  6. Hi My name is Gianni I'm very interested The moulds they are great I would like to ask is where do you buy the led wire to make the pellets or slugs is there a site I can go to to buy the led wire for 5.5mm slugs

  7. Buenas tardes . Me pasarias los planos del molde ho vendemelo haci fafrico el mio cali . 5.5

  8. Buenas…
    Donde consigo estos moldes.
    Alguien que tenga la informacion….es para Bogota – Colombia

  9. ohnny Lee participated in shooting championships with air rifles. I saw your video on you tube and found it interesting, this mold for lead. They come out perfect. Where did you buy this form? I would love to buy one like this, but here in Brazil you do not have to sell.

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