Etsy: The Handmade's Tale

Etsy: The Handmade's Tale

We made this electronic press kit (EPK as they say in tha biz) recently at the Etsy Labs in Brooklyn. It gives press people (and anybody else really!) a sense of what we do at Etsy and what our mission is.

Several sellers are featured in it, including KateBlack, DewonaPetal, and 1aeon. It was a lot of fun to make, thanks to, the production company we worked with.

Check out for more news about Etsy and the handmade world…

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34 thoughts on “Etsy: The Handmade's Tale

  1. This is the Etsy I fell in love with 3 years ago when I started selling my handmade glass lampwork beads on Etsy. What happened to Etsy's vision?

  2. the people in this video inspire me so much! i sell on there (at least i try). but this video helped. thanks for making it.
    the kid who invented it is pretty much a genius.
    my seller name is lazyredcat. 😉

  3. I love the idea of Etsy, but my stuff doesn't sell too well on there. I make earrings, and I rarely sell them. However, when I list a vintage pattern, it seems to go within a week. I think it is because the pattern is something specific people are searching for, and my earrings are something people don't yet know they want.

    My etsy name is also ChateauOfADoubt

  4. I love etsy. My faves are BabooshkaBoutique, BeckyDrolen, Kahiko, leasvintage, sallyjanevintage, and squirrelsgonewild!!! Wooooh I love etsy so I dont have to buy clothes from sweatshops! and Etsy is going to open up in my area! I am so happy 8)

  5. Cool! I sell my art on Etsy too and do I ever meet so many talented people across the globe! The only limit is meeting them in person, the rest is possible with thanks to Etsy. Thank you for sharing this video :]

  6. I see that Act as a means to throw the little guy off the playing field. It has little to do with a concern for safety. I will take your suggestion and make myself heard.

  7. Lol, had to throw Walmart in there, didn't ya. I left 5 stars, it was a very well produced well edited video. Hope you get featured, try throwing money at youtube they like that, or maybe they'll promote you cause your a fellow rising star in the web world.

  8. Hurray for Etsy! I have shopped there many times, and hope to sell on there too someday soon. It's a fabulous idea. Keep up the good work guys!

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