Engineers Try To Escape Flash Flood On Hand-Made Raft (Part 4) | Escape EP3 | Wonder

Engineers Try To Escape Flash Flood On Hand-Made Raft (Part 4) | Escape EP3 | Wonder

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Deep in the Equatorial jungle, in an area only connected by swamps and rivers, former SAS operative Ant Middleton and a team of hand-picked engineers must create an escape vehicle from the material and parts they can salvage from a site of a flash flood.

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33 thoughts on “Engineers Try To Escape Flash Flood On Hand-Made Raft (Part 4) | Escape EP3 | Wonder

  1. you could have made a bamboo raft and attached paddles to the rear wheel of the bike.You also might have tried the an engine fan adapted to the motor shaft to make a water or air prop.

  2. This is probably the worst situation simulated. I was talking with my friend about whether Amazonian jungle or Alaskan wilderness. I choose Alaskan wilderness 10 times out of 10. The jungle has so many things that can kill you. Also they should redo the jungle situation with a different team.

  3. one why didn't you all think of making a simple raft out of the water tanks  and home made paddles and try escape that way as a make shift canoe what could of been done on day 3 and on your why slowly

  4. You think they could have made a propeller out of the bike wheel and place the bike side ways on the raft??? I'm sure that could have worked at least…

  5. They could have used a radiator fan from one of the vehicles to use as a prop, instead of the water pump.

  6. Easier solution: Simply cut the roof of the bus to use it as a raft and paddle it with sticks. Might have been slower but guaranteed escape.

  7. This show is so ridiculous. Everyone just stands around watching the oldest person struggle to move something.

  8. This is what happens when you get a bunch of smart people together, they tend to over engineer and overthink everything. They have an axe why not just cut down some trees and make a wood raft and some paddles. Keep it simple stupid.

  9. Just use the tools to chop down trees and lash them together with the strips of rubber. Tie empty jerry cans underneath for buoyancy and you have a crude raft/canoe. Make some oars for steering. Silly to try and make a powered motorboat. Too difficult. And they had to go back and forth in the mud. They were wasting energy for nothing. And cutting metal to make a hull – bad idea. Much easier to make a wooden hull and it's lighter too. Also, they should have tried to make the shelter better – the main problem are the mosquitoes at night. You should try and make a tent. Maybe strip off the material from the car seats and bus seats and make a vinyl tent. It can serve as a mosquito net. There might be some gauze stuffing in the car seats too that can be used for the tent. And maybe sleep in the car. You can wind up the windows and keep the mossies out.
    These engineers act as if they're in civilization. They have the wrong idea entirely.

  10. its easy just put a propeller where u get the front sprocket by puting additional brace well if u dont have propoler make 1 u have drill and also a saw
    ok ill make it
    (motorcycle engine)llllllll=====(brace)========8 propelller simple as that
    i'm not a engineer or smart just a average guy

  11. To be fair, the hardest challenge so far. and 1 guy got hurt.
    Would be nice to see another team retry almost the same kind of scenario.

  12. How about for the next one it could be a crashed train it could be any kind of train maybe with some other small vehicles like maybe it hit a car or two and they have to maybe make a vehicle that can go down the train tracks back to civilization

  13. you could make the boat and power it by hand and stick, river is calm, u should have not accept this bitter defeat, like old times It would be slow but not impossible

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