Egloo – Candle powered heater // HANDMADE

Egloo – Candle powered heater // HANDMADE

#3 Candle powered heater
In the third phase were carried out several physical prototypes to test and improve the functionality.

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Marco Zagaria

6 thoughts on “Egloo – Candle powered heater // HANDMADE

  1. Hi, Egloo is available to purchase anywhere in the world on indiegogo, at this link:

  2. charities have been distributing hot potatoes to the homeless for years. This guy is just making good looking stuff and presenting is as innovation.
    I can't believe he crowdfunded such a big amount of money. More power to him though, it's the power of marketing and psychology.

    Also I have doubts on whether candles are cheaper than electricity. Remember thermodynamics.

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