Ear cuff use Basic Wire Weaving techniques – How to make handmade jewelry 506

Ear cuff use Basic Wire Weaving techniques – How to make handmade jewelry 506

Ear cuff use Basic Wire Weaving techniques – How to make handmade jewelry from copper wire by Lan Anh Handmade
Can do the same with ring, pendants and bracelet to form sets
With this form you can use any type of wire or wire size you have. Smaller diameter wires are easier to handle, but they are less durable than larger wires.
In the video I use :
20 gauge ( wire diameter 0.8mm ) : 9cm( 3,4 inch)
28 gauge ( wire diameter 0.3mm ) : 20cm( 8 inch)

– Before doing, Always be sure to straighten the wire for a more beautiful product
– Can use a towel to straighten the wire.
– Refer to how to straighten the wire here https://youtu.be/OXAECMVcOe4
– Guide the basic operations https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TGsG9Rkv8As&list=PLx4k6akdDBsH5xWkxxnzO3aBodVwhlVJk
– I just give way reference, not the best way. Can change size wire to suit your purpose. You can do better than me.
– I bought all the material and stones in where I live (Vietnam)
I used to round copper wire – magnet wire , it’s the only kind I found where I lived for many sizes. I do not know exactly what type it was, can be normal copper wire, it have plating layer, and not dark by time

all playlist of Lan Anh Handmade channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOrjcZ7dL3GyRGuI37gi0Og/playlists

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21 thoughts on “Ear cuff use Basic Wire Weaving techniques – How to make handmade jewelry 506

  1. ¡Que bonito y a la vez sencillo! Me gustan mucho los brazaletes de oreja, pero todos los que he ido comprando me hacen daño o no se agarran bien. ¡Que ganas de hacerme unos!

  2. I Love em………….you make em seem so simple to make…….will def' try these………so nice…..Thank you……..God Bless……………hugsss

  3. Thank you!!! Now I can wear something like this without having to pierce that part of the ear!!! Love it!! I also know a few trendy people in my family who are going to get this for Christmas & will prob love it!

  4. I really like this design, it doesn't look to hard to make ,yet is very well put together. And I like the whole collection . THANK You 🤗💖

  5. My sister loves ear cuffs, I’m trying to make most of my Christmas gifts this year because I’m out sick from work for the last six months and this saves money but also is special because it’s handmade.
    Also fun projects.
    Thanks x

  6. Beautiful very nice 👌👍 thanks for sharing blessings to you and your family have a great day 🙏🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹😊

  7. I haven’t made any of the jewelry I’ve seen in this channel, but I love watching them get made. It manages to be both soothing and oddly exciting. It’s like a chess match.

    Me: [whispers] Almost done. How are they going to get that perfectly curved shape?

    Them: [Wraps wire around plier handle]

    Me: [gasp!] Its genius!! 😯

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