DIY.Pencil case a heart.Tutorial&crafts.Handmade.My creative ideas.Handcraft.

DIY.Pencil case a heart.Tutorial&crafts.Handmade.My creative ideas.Handcraft.

DIY Pencil case
Hi guys! This diy is for school. Today we will make a steep pencil in the form of a heart with the Unicorn. It is very compact and convenient, consists of three sections, in each of them you can place the office necessary for the school. If you want to please yourself with a cool pencil case – watch this video and do it with me, the result is a perfect pencil case for the school.Today we will make a pencil case in the form of a heart. The pencil has three sections.Creative successes. Good luck to all creativity! Enjoy watching!!!

✂ Materials for our diy:
➺ A4 paper,
➺ thick corrugated cardboard,
➺ cotton fabric,
➺ soft fabric (fleece),
➺ felt or foamiran (1 mm thick),
➺ decorative thread,
➺ transparent plastic,
➺ linen gum,
➺ kitchen viscose napkin,
➺ wrapping paper,
➺ sequins,
➺ lightning (70 cm long),
➺ scissors or joinery knife, awl,
➺ glue gun, glue “Moment” or polymer glue.

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♫ The video uses songs from Epidemic Sound.

Hello! My name is Oksana Dmitrieva and I’m glad to see you on my channel devoted to creativity and needlework. You will see how life becomes brighter and more interesting with creativity, and from the handicrafts that you make with your own hands, there is joy and self-esteem grows. I will share with you my ideas, experience, skill in interesting and fascinating DIY. On my channel, I do my own pencil boxes in school, organizers, notebooks, mini notebooks, as well as other interesting and cool things that make our life more beautiful. Having made these cute things, we can present them to our relatives, friends and relatives. Subscribe to my channel and create with me!
My inspiration will be transferred to you! Good luck to all creativity!
organizer from scratch very good. diy bag ideas and crafts i like to do. Phone case no sew i am love it. Diy tutorials my ideas is simple. I like the art. I very like handmade and handcraft.

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  2. I like this this is very beautiful but hard how?You is very talent girl.I dont know how make this

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