DIY – How to Make: Felt Eggs & Emoji Pillows – PINTEREST – Handmade – Crafts

DIY – How to Make: Felt Eggs & Emoji Pillows – PINTEREST – Handmade – Crafts

by request: We think it’s time for more Fabulous Felt!! Check out this Fabsome new Craft … How to Make Felt Eggs & Emoji’s! … Because our Dolls definitely need more Eggs and Emoji’s!! PINTEREST – Handmade – Crafts – DIY

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39 thoughts on “DIY – How to Make: Felt Eggs & Emoji Pillows – PINTEREST – Handmade – Crafts

  1. Why haven't you been using CM? I think you should use CM I mean doll furnitures Are so small things. You had better to use CM. Inch is too big. Don't get it as a bad comment. I follow you. It is only suggestion.

  2. I love you so muchh…. Can you say my name in the next Livestream Q&A I Learnt english by you!!!! I've been watching you since when I was 6 (2013)

    I have a question:

    How old Are you? And What is your Real name???

  3. I really 😍 this craft I would do it but you know instead of sewing everything and cutting a hole you can just leave a gap, flip it over, and fill with pillow stuffing.

  4. I made a puppy pillow in the 3rd class out of fehlt🐕🐕🐩🐶 ihm so proud of me. 😘😘😍😜😀😀😊☺😂😁

  5. I love your videos and this time I'm going to give you a little code name but it's not my then mine what I was going to say but the code name is MC horse I know it sounds silly but that's all I can think of and the last few minutes or hours or seconds so yeah I pretty much my favorite was the pillow and can you please make one pillow that looks like a horse but one of your dolls and for Emma Swan can you make a pillow for her that have a picture of a swan on it thanks a lot and another thing that I want you to crap is well not exactly a crap it's actually a redoing thing can you please make one of your dolls to look like maybe a famous singer like or famous president a famous person so don't think of it overtime and then I hope to see my video on your channel love your Channel hopefully I see my video hopefully I get to see you in person

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