DIY – How to Make: Doll Baseball Cap – Handmade – Crafts

DIY – How to Make: Doll Baseball Cap – Handmade – Crafts

by request: Check out these Fabsome Doll Baseball Caps!! The perfect accessory for any doll! – Handmade – Crafts

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27 thoughts on “DIY – How to Make: Doll Baseball Cap – Handmade – Crafts

  1. I was looking for a baseball hat for a gravity falls series of lps I was going to do. I saw the Dipper hat and immediately clicked. Just what I needed XD

  2. Instead of using just the ribbon you should paint it with black stripes and numbers with real measurements to be a doll sized measuring tape 😂

  3. These look easy to make, but I am struggling to get the process to work for a 1:9 scale Mego doll head. I've tried increasing the number of sections to 7 and decreasing them to 5 thinking that maybe given the smaller size it might need more sections–or larger ones. After hours I got a paper prototype to work but when I tried to move to fabric, it all fell apart again. There must be a step I'm missing. I'm using clear and quick drying Aileen's glue and I tried to use fusible interfacing that was too soft. Not enough body to the fabric. Then tried your glue method and that better but didn't want to fold. With the smaller head band, there doesn't seem to be enough room to make the section "tabs". I'll keep trying but maybe I'm missing something in the video. Thanks for any suggestions.

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