Handmade beads for your jewelry making. We will show you how to make your own stunning necklace. This tutorial shows you how to recycle plastic bottle tops or anything made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) into beautiful beads. Every piece is handmade original, just think of possibilities for selling these beads!

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  1. The ammount of water and eletricity to make a single bead makes the recycling completely irrelevant.

  2. I love the creativity and resourcefulness of this and the end product is absolutely awesome! So a suggestion. 🙂 This process appears to use a tremendous amount of energy heating each bead with a heat gun individually as well as take a huge amount of time. A cheaper and quicker alternative might be to carve a heat-safe mold out of Do-It-Yourself modeling clay, spray each hole with vegetable oil, place a bit of plastic in each hole and then just shove the whole thing into the oven for five or ten minutes. As long as you keep the temp below 350 Fahrenheit , then it won't release any fumes. And of course, the homemade tray created with modeling clay is re-usuable. Hope this helps and feel free to make another video!

  3. Thank you for showing how to make the beads, can make lots for my daughter Christmas present so that she can make mobiles with the beads.great stocking filler idea on a tight budget.

  4. I wash my plastic for crafting & even my cat food cans for recycling. However, I simply toss it all in the sink with my dishes to soak in soapy water. Grease will cling to plastic, so it's the first in and out of the rinse water. No need to use ANY extra water.
    This demonstration could've soaked caps in a small amout of soapy water & rinsed. That would require editing or shutting the camera off for a moment. It is even possible to just begin filming with clean products, rather than waste our time. Why so much running water was used is beyond me.

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