#diy #bestoutofwastenewspapers  DIY Best Out Of Waste Newspapers | Handmade Bag/Purse:

#diy #bestoutofwastenewspapers DIY Best Out Of Waste Newspapers | Handmade Bag/Purse:

Things I used are:
Acrylic paints blue, black, golden, bronze

Transparent spray,

empty juice box

fabric handles,




plastic bag or fabric for inner part of the bag,

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Thanks for watching 😊

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11 thoughts on “#diy #bestoutofwastenewspapers DIY Best Out Of Waste Newspapers | Handmade Bag/Purse:

  1. I love your creativity and it makes me CrAzY🙄 when people go on and on about recycling, yet when you show them video's like THIS, they think its TOO MUCH WORK!!!!
    They'll spend a ton of money on something like this while complaining HOW EXPENSIVE IT IS completely missing the point THEY COULD MAKE IT THEMSELVES AT A FRACTION OF THE COST IF THEY'D GET OFF THEIR BUTTS AND DEVICES AND JUST DO IT!!! There's something so rewarding when you create something on your own,saving yourself money and recycling at the same time and I appreciate your channel because you're giving people REAL IDEAS people can USE if they just DO IT!
    So THANK YOU SWEETIE for inspiring us once again with your creativity and seeing MORE than just trash in cardboard boxes and newspapers!🤗
    XOXOXOXO from Florida❤🐦🦋

  2. I could watch you forever! It just amazes me what can come out of waste! You inspire me to use up my waste. Please don’t let people bother you about what you do! There are a lot of us who love what you do and thank you for sharing your wonderful talent! I love this bag and will attempt to make one myself! Much love ❤️

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