Distortion free bead rolling hand made car body panels Tips and Tricks #19

Distortion free bead rolling hand made car body panels Tips and Tricks #19

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47 thoughts on “Distortion free bead rolling hand made car body panels Tips and Tricks #19

  1. Another great video Trev, great workmanship, nice to see a zetec being put to good use!

  2. You faked it …? That really happened in terms of comments?
    Ain't Youtube's comment section one of the best places ever to make an utter fool of Oneself 😂

  3. Thanks Trev. Another great video. Your ability to describe what is actually going on while shaping a piece of panel steel is very enlightening. Your motor is a Ford Zetec from a fucus.

  4. Love the start of the video. Trumpton, I still have a box collection of that old kids show. 🙂

  5. I've dabbled a bit into metal shaping but never had the courage to do it more seriously so thanks very much for these videos – I now have a much better understanding of what I need to do. Ford Focus 1.8 Zetec. Skäl David

  6. Another great video Trev. Many thanks, It’s helping my MG restoration. What type of seam sealer do you use? Could you show some being applied. Thanks. By the way the engine is a Ford Zetec.

  7. Can't wait til you get a show on tv! So, when you say "key a surface" you're referring to sanding? That's what I was getting from the context. unless it's some other kind of etching?

  8. Zetec is the answer! 🙂 Gotta get in there & win me a Trev-hammer before they're all GONE!

  9. Fantastic work. It is a pity "Old School" trade training is no longer taught, i.e. repair by replacement, not the craftsman skill you share with the greater community.

  10. I’m pretty sure you wedged a Cadillac 500 cubic inch engine into that van. Or maybe a Ford 2.0.

  11. Excellent quality work, high skill level. Im a patch and MIG it for mot guy. I do my best but am not in your league but hope to take on some of your fabrication tips. Thanks for the excellent explanations.

  12. Thanks Trev really appreciate you sharing the methods to create these panels. I'm learning alot.

  13. I 'm not being smurky but you didn't ask for a brand, the answer to what kind of engine is; a 4 cycle petrol engine.

  14. What is the pommy slang "key". I assume is sanding the shine off the primer. Engine is a Zetec, not really many of them I Australia! The videos are great, like going to TAFE.

  15. Fantastic!
    E-wheel,you may want to try a ring of rubber from an innertube on the top flat wheel. Fewer passes to pre-stretch. I am definetly going to use the pre-stretch. Was a great video.

  16. DUDE! You reading my mail? LOL!! I'm thinking of buying a bead roller and have been wondering what the learning curve would be like … so … to say that this is timely is to overindulge in understatement! Awesome video. As for the wankers accusing you of deceit, screw 'em. The unskilled are ALWAYS jealous of those among the Jedi.

  17. Wow Trev, those turned out great!!

    Old school metal work taught by a Greaser…perfect!!

  18. That would be a Ford Zetec, not a 5.3 LS like were putting in everything haha

  19. Trev, do you like rockabilly? haha! Is it possible to pre-stretch for beads with a stationary planishing hammer?

  20. Love your tips and tricks Trev. I’m a second year appreciate panel beater and learning lots from your blogs. My answer Ford Focus ztech.

  21. Think you have stuffed a ztech Ford in there.
    I need a good planishing hammer I own a spitfire and need to recreate what isn't there anymore 😁

  22. Accidently came across your videos, love them, just formed a panel with complex curve by hand using a bucking mold, does require patience and a bit of finesse

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