Curing handmade soap

Curing handmade soap

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Today, I want to speak to all the newer soap makers out here about cure time and when it’s safe to use your fresh soap.

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41 thoughts on “Curing handmade soap

  1. 👍
    I have a question …
    In some videos i have watched they say that the ph level of the soap drops down the longer it cure wither its a hp or cp soap what u think about that …

  2. BOOM! That is what I needed to know.

    So…. No making and having to wait weeks to try to sell, or figure a month or two and guesstimate ahead on what I may or may not need.

    This is right on time.


    I subscribe to very very few channels.

    YOU have a new subscriber.

  3. I test my cold process within 2 weeks of birth. It's perfectly fine other than the hardening/water evaporating aspect of it. I'm ok with a bar of soap that is not brick hard. ;0) Thank you Uncle Jon..

  4. After l made my soap it was hard and breaking as l cut into bars .
    What might be my problem

  5. I really really need your help please. Yesterday I made a soap recipe which I thought it was a cold process. So, I didn't realize the recipe that I used is for hot process. The problem is I found oils floating on the top of the mold and the mixture is in the bottom. What should I do to fix this chaos? I'm not planning to throw it away. Please help.

  6. Thank you. I agree 1000%. I hear everyone say a bar of soap gets milder. I use my soap the next day. I always go by feel. Once the soap gets a good, dry skin I put it on the shelves.

  7. I made melt n pour soap but when I add coffe powder to it does not harden again…pls what is the problem.

  8. Thank you so much your videos are really helpful. Is it true that soaps which made of olive oil and coconut oil need to cure for a year or more?

  9. I use a water discount in all my batches now. Sometimes I use just enough water to get my lye dissolved and it makes a huge difference. WSP had a chart that compared the different water % in the batches and showed how long it took for the water to evaporate. I also find that adding milk powder, either coconut or goats milk to the batch makes the bars really hard.
    Thank you for being willing to have a no nonsense approach to this! Can’t wait for more videos.

  10. Love your channel! I'm a newb soap maker. Haven't even made my first batch yet! Lol absorbing all I can before I dive in. Hoping you can help with a question I have. What kind of olive oil should I use for soap making? Regular (consumable) olive oil? I found one that says it is for soap making (pomace grade)?

  11. Thank you so much I love the way you explain it , You solved my problem Thank you again God bless you.

  12. Thank you!! It’s been killing me to wait a month or more. I think I’m going to go take a shower! 😂😂😂

  13. All soaps HP or CP needs cured properly…yes it's safe to use after 24 hours but if you only cure a couple days then sell it it won't last as long and your customers will not be happy. Cured soap will last about a month in the shower. I had a customer comment that they bought soap from a company called Dr squash on Amazon and online and it only lasted a week. I didn't believe it until I went to look at the Amazon reviews…that means they are not curing their soap at all. Do yourself and your customers a favor and cure your soaps properly.

  14. Thank you for this information. I am new to soap making and I have been working with olive oil, coconut and goat's milk as primary ingredients. I have noticed that the soap blends that I make with coconut oil cure ALOT faster, even if it has a small amount of coconut oil. I made some Castile soap and it appears hard but i have been seeing that it takes a year to cure. What are your thoughts about the curing process of soaps made from 100% olive oil?

  15. I found when you soap with animal milk, even hot process, it Sometimes may have an off smell for a couple of weeks. After that it tends to smell of e.o. or fragrance.

  16. Hi I'm from India.. I tried lye calculator . But I think it was not worked.
    4 time I'm trying pure coconut cold process soap. Can u pls help me for recipe.
    How much can I take lye , water and coconut oil.
    Last bech was very soft after cured also.
    Was tired 5% water and 20% water also but it was not worked.. pls help me

  17. WOW! I'm so glad I found your channel!! I'm just starting out at soap making and was almost considering giving it up! I was scared to death of lye, worried about no letting it cure long enough, had no idea what oils to use…turns out you don't have to be a rocket scientist to make soap!!!! Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge!!!! P.S. LOVE THE BEARD!!!

  18. Hie when I make my melt and pour soap it’s hard and sturdy but after a month it’s start getting softer especially the charcoal ones so what shld we do to prevent it

  19. Its been 4 weeks since i made a batch of soap( 50% hard oil 50% soft oils) but after using it and putting it in the soap tray it starts giving sticky liquid out of the area that is in contact with the soap tray

  20. Wow great info I was miserable thinking I had to wait six to eight weeks on my cold process soap I tried using mine after 4 days as hand soap then said ok I didn't die, so I showered with it, it was my first bar I ever made (made a 42 oz loaf) and this guy was right it worked great the info he gave was accurate, I just made three more loaves today will unmold tommorow. Thanks for the great information. Finally someone who doesn't try and scare you and explains how to test it, (zap test) I subscribed this video was what I needed.

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