Bush 4141: Custom-made train to carry George HW Bush to his final resting place

Bush 4141: Custom-made train to carry George HW Bush to his final resting place

President George H.W. Bush to be transported to Texas A&M presidential library in College Station aboard Bush 4141.

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49 thoughts on “Bush 4141: Custom-made train to carry George HW Bush to his final resting place

  1. U.S. Army Ranger One carry the great Mr President George H.W. Bush home. RIP Sir and Thank you for keep the World at Pease.

  2. Wow! It's funny they painted it the color of Air Force One when President Bush was a United States Navy man. In fact he had to bail out of one plane that was shot out from under him. I didn't vote for him but I respect him and time has a way of changing the way we perceive our feelings toward our fellow Americans why looking back I'd have to say if it wasn't for President Bush I'd never would have gotten into the tire business and spent 17 productive years.. It was during the economic down turn that I found the work in which I spent a big part of my life . Thanks President Bush! I mean all this in a good way.

  3. Great video, camera work and detail! A special video! Greetings from Italy. Hi, Stefano 🙂

  4. You may be ballin' but you ain't "i got my own UP loco to carry me to my grave" ballin'

  5. What will the future hold for this locomotive ? Will it be put into service or placed in the George HW. Bush’s library/ Museum ?

  6. A gangster, the godfather, the killer, the rapist, the evil. Pindar was proud of his son. He will burn in hell to crispy chicken.

  7. UP dedicated a locomotive to a president that backed Halliburton in Kuwait who was stealing oil from under Iraq?? Seems legit from a railway that used under paid Chinese immigrant and black slave labor to build it's lines back in the day..
    Yeah that's just another repaint like the UP heritage units, Give it 10 years and it will be scrapped or repainted back to that piss yellow UP color

  8. The almighty Union Pacific, mother of rails, mother of the Big Boys, a worldwide recognized icon of railroading.

  9. Wait so they're using an entire train to haul his corpse to the Texas a&m library? For what? To put it on display? Is the library next to train tracks? So many questions

  10. To people complaining about taxes.. Our taxes are already spent on people who refuse to work, flooding their shopping carts with junk food. This train was not custom made, it was custom painted. And to bring up poor innocent children? Where have any of you contributed to assist those children?

  11. what a waist..whatever happened to YouTube leaving true comments like this one in the que they were posted…nobody should be all waisting any more money then him and his loser son already have

  12. So the beasts, air 1, the helicopters and now a train. What shall it be called. R.I.P George H.W bush

  13. Wow, can this possibly drag on for any longer? I'm an American and I will tell you a lot of us don't share the same feeling about the Bushs and Clintons. I sure hope this wasn't paid for by tax dollars!

  14. custom train that keeps babies blood at an optimal temperature for the other elite passengers as they travel with former president George HW Bush

  15. Why they fuck all the stripes of paint and letters got so many fuckups?
    Looks ok from far away, but EVERY closeup they showed had imperfections in the paint job. Shit like that pisses me off.
    If ya can’t paint a straight line, you ain’t a painter, motha fucka 🤣😅😂.
    Overall it was cool though.

  16. It is a custom job but it's been around since 2005, not just for his funeral train. Nice video though

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