Building the most awesome handmade badass wooden chopper bike

Building the most awesome handmade badass wooden chopper bike

This was the most fun I’ve had building a project.

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30 thoughts on “Building the most awesome handmade badass wooden chopper bike

  1. I saw a couple of wooden bikes at the Los Angeles CycLavia last year and I was going in one direction why they were going the other so I did not get to oogle them very well. Watching you build this bike filled in a lot of questions I had about the bikes I saw and I thank you! I want you to know I enjoyed watching your mind work on this project problem solving all the issues almost as much as you enjoyed it, cheers mate!

  2. you mounted the gooseneck to the wood frame by flattening the pieces of donor bike frame and then sandwiching them between layers the wood frame with bolts and epoxy. But then you added a black plate on the outside of the wood frame with the bolts holding the gooseneck. You don't talk about it in the video. What was its purpose?

  3. Thank you for this video. It inspired me to start building my own wooden chopper bike. I saw chopper bicycles before and really wanted to build one but i'm not a welder. This introduced me to the idea that a wooden bicycle is possible.

  4. Frack man – for such a heavy frame you might as well mount on a nice electric motor! Now THAT would take your project from pimp – to HELL YEAH!@ ALSO – SCREW those bicycle steats man!!! You should have made a REALLY nice wide and long MOTORCYCLE seat on that thing – MAKE IT COMFORTABLE!!!! Those small and hard bicycle seats will ALWAYS end up hurting your ass after sitting on them long enough… Just because the frame is wood – does not mean you can't include a really nice suspension / into it! I look forward to your 2.0 bike next time.

  5. Or you can simply install an internal geared hub on the rear wheel like shimano nexus which come with 8 speed at most

  6. it will be more comfortable if youll add a rear 6 speed cassette with rear derailleur to make it easier for pedaling and then it will be super cool project bike…

  7. Love your vid mate. Bloody brilliant design. A true work of art. I've been looking at thousands of cruiser bikes lately as i been thinking of building one and your design just has such a beautiful balance to it. I'm a kiwi living in the States and isn't it typical how a Californian ( guy in the coment section ) is trying to take credit for something they had nothing to do with by saying it's a true Californian cruiser. To me it's true Ausi ingenuity. Thanks for sharing and would love to own one.

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