BOWFISHING Handmade Bow! Reef Fish Catch n Cook

BOWFISHING Handmade Bow! Reef Fish Catch n Cook

Bowfishing with a self made bow and arrows to catch our food. This was a battle between conventional fishing Vs traditional fishing, which ones wins? If you missed “How to Build and Shoot Primitive Bow and Arrow video here it is

Fishing equipment I used in this video is listed below
Fishing Reel – Daiwa Catalina 4000H
Fishing Rod – Spartan 3/4
Fishing Line Saltiga PE3

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47 thoughts on “BOWFISHING Handmade Bow! Reef Fish Catch n Cook

  1. From a irish man perspective about what you posted a few days ago Adam and I'll be blunt . Your saying you're losing views lately . One thing it's not down to your girlfriend, she's very pretty. I know some are blaming her but she hasn't been in a handful of your videos . Now I guess you have some irish heritage so you should have some thick skin when I say this. Your videos of late are getting bit dull but I still watch them . If anyone else is reading this they'd say get to the fucking point and to them don't get your knickers in a twist and wait. You have to back in the mind frame of old. Your videos now are like a documentary with beautiful scenery which some are like get to the fishing . Briggsy videos are lacking too . If you're doing fishing channel leave it be I don't want to see a rabbit getting skinned. I'll keep watching your vids or even somewhere down the I'll customize 1 of your rods for you. Keep at it and it will pick up

  2. Stop horseing them in! Steady pressure, not that rod up and down crap! Pull, slack, reel, what? That is how you lose em. Rod up, drag on, steady reel, tighten drag AS NEEDED.
    Nice video though.

  3. Bro these guys know how to live… and thrive 💪🏽most of us in the big smoke have no clue 🍩that the simplest and best things in life are out in the wild ay I love it man so inspired

  4. Cavy, I would like to know, if you find a very giant size conk shell or somthing like is, I will buy it from for 50 u.s dollars or more. Can ya do that for me mate?

  5. Cavy, I wanna wish you and the woman who has your heart a Happy Valentine's day. Can't wait to see your next vlog mate.

  6. Aye mate great content! If I ever make it to your neighborhood I hope we'd be able to fish like hell. I have a "65 Blacktip custom speargun I can bring with.

  7. Olá sou fã do seu canal moro no Brasil,gostaria muito de ganhar um destes molinetes gigantes seu de presente RS show show peixes enormes parabéns Deus abençoeHello I am a fan of your channel I live in Brazil, I would love to win one of these giant reels for you as a gift RS show show huge fish congratulations God bless

  8. That fish at 2:40 caught with the net. In the aquarium trade tangs like that often sell for a lot of $$.
    Crazy seeing it eaten knowing it’s value 😱

  9. Cavy become Cave Man.. 👌😆 the most Tastiest fish is the one that cooked right away after you got it yumm.. 😘

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