[Bonsai Handmade]How To Make Bonsai Tree Wire Copper

[Bonsai Handmade]How To Make Bonsai Tree Wire Copper

Make Bonsai Tree Wire Copper

[Bonsai Handmade]

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44 thoughts on “[Bonsai Handmade]How To Make Bonsai Tree Wire Copper

  1. perdon pero estoy haciendo uno, pero por la parte de las ramas se puede empezar de arriba hacia abajo o se complica??

  2. En harika Bonsai Modellerini

    https://www.cicekgaraj.com/bonsai/ Çiçek Garajdan Sipariş edebilirisniz.

  3. The music you used was not very good. It distracted from the pretty awesome craft and that's a shame.

  4. Amazing, you are such an artist: to watch you work is so inspiring, thanks for sharing this with the world. 🙂

  5. Очень захватывает, увлекает и сподвигает на новые работы.

  6. how long did it take for you to become this good?
    also is there any speciall copparwire you use? i tried with 2 different copperwires and one of them is much easier to use than the other.

  7. Dear very nice art. but …the important part to learn is to make leafs is very fast to understand.will you please another one in slow motion and with close up.Thanks

  8. Hi, I live in Brazil, I would like to know about copper wire, do you know where the best place to buy on the internet is?

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