Bespoked Handmade Bicycle Show 2018

Bespoked Handmade Bicycle Show 2018

Reporting in from Bespoked, the UK’s Handmade Bicycle Show, Jon is here to showcase some of the most beautifully crafted bikes and latest tech on display.

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Based yearly in Bristol, Bespoked brings together the most talented frame builders, painters and cycling related entrepreneurs to showcase their talents. From race winning road machines to quirky custom builds, there is a huge range of one-off bicycles to be amazed by.

What was on the menu in 2018? Jon was on the hunt for the new prototype wireless FSA groupset, adjustable integrated aero stem and bar combos and some of the most stunning paint jobs in the business. Not to mention some pretty lary track bikes, plenty of gravel bike setups and some which you can hardly categorise at all!

Check out Dan Craven’s Commonwealth Games Custom Saffron, Argon 18’s Galaxy paint job from Colourburn Studios and a rather glittery affair from Demon Frameworks.

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