Beautiful Handmade Box from Pallet Wood

Beautiful Handmade Box from Pallet Wood

In this episode, I’m building a beautiful oak box using finger joints, also known as box joints, to bring together repurposed pallet wood I’ve had for awhile now. I also show a technique of transferring lettering to the wood using an iron. Nothing special here, I just printed out a backwards design I made on standard paper using an average everyday inkjet printer. Using heat from the iron, you’re able to transfer the ink to the wood. Just be sure to mirror the image.

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25 thoughts on “Beautiful Handmade Box from Pallet Wood

  1. Brett,… just touched a heartstring… My Brother and I haven't had a close relationship over the years. Because of Him having a near death experience, and on his way to partially mending, I have really thought about him and our relationship a lot lately. This Video has inspired me to make something special like this for him! In case you ever wonder if you make a difference in someone's life when you make these videos?…..You Do!…Thanks Buddy…for Sharing this Video! Have A Super Week!…..Gus

  2. Really like the look of the box, it's awesome. I've been considering a Wen planer, how do you like yours ? Would you buy it again ?

  3. I know it's probably a simple process… but are there any videos on using the iron and paper process u used? A link maybe?

  4. Brett just want to thank you for all your wonderful videos and taking the time to share them. Being deaf and unable to hear most of the videos posted yours are awesome. Straight forward and thorough much appreciated. Keep 'em coming.

  5. I really like that you are using tools in this video that any beginner can afford and that I actually have, and you have a beautiful finished project, very good inspiration for my groomsmen gifts!
    But how did you secure the bottom?

  6. Nicely done! I especially like how you created the shadow line with the bottom, simple and worked perfect.

  7. Really enjoyed this.
    Just a suggestion, could you have routed around the inside at the bottom to give the base piece somewhere to anchor against?

  8. Brett, I seldom comment on videos but 2 thumbs up to you! The box is beautiful and the video is extremely well done. I'm new to wood working and this video was very instructive without any words. I am now your newest subscriber 🙂 Keep making videos!

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