Beautiful handmade birthday card idea | complete tutorial

Beautiful handmade birthday card idea | complete tutorial

Welcome to handmade cards ideas channel. In this channel, you will learn how to make beautiful handmade birthday card idea. This creative beautiful handmade Birthday card can be made easily by yourself by simply watching this birthday card video. This video contains the complete tutorial of the beautiful handmade birthday card. this is the best birthday card for giving to your loved one. Please like and share the video if you liked the card. Also visit my website for more cards.
Ivory sheets-yellow(40x25cm) and blue,
pattern sticker paper,
glitter foam sheet,marker,
design punching machine or craft punching machine,
color card stock papers-red and sky blue,
scale, pencil, glue, scissor.

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44 thoughts on “Beautiful handmade birthday card idea | complete tutorial

  1. Hello
    I want a special birthday card for my cutest life partner
    So , give me an special idea
    Please reply me

  2. Beautiful writting ever and the card is so beautiful I make it for my teacher birthday thank you 😀😀✌🤘👌👍👏👏🙏🙌

  3. Mam why are you not giving me heart 😔❤❤you broke my heart mam😭😭😭💔💔💔💔💔

  4. U r handwriting is awesome 👍.. however! I got 1st prize 🏆🥇in the competition I won the prize😍

  5. Making the hearts is the worst.
    I never got how to make 😡
    But ur handwriting is …..fabulous 😙👌👌 The greeting looks good!!!!🙄

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