Basic handmade Paper Making

Basic handmade Paper Making

basic paper making method using paper mold and scrap paper. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks for watching.

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Amy Abnet

36 thoughts on “Basic handmade Paper Making

  1. good video! we have interesting vibeo too! YOU make see it

  2. Thank you for this brilliant explanation how to make paper. I guess it's the first time I really understood how to make paper with simple household items and so I will do it! Thanks again for those clear instructions!

  3. Idon't know why I waited so long to try making paper.
    Thank you for taking the mystery ( and fear) out of paper making for me!!!

  4. Going to make these with my grandaughters, as valentine's for their teachers! We're going to add flower seeds, so the cards can be planted in the spring! 😊 Thanks!

  5. I'm still researching into paper making. I would like to start on it but I can't find any answers to how the quality and strength(in particular) of the paper will turn out once it is finished. Will it be able to be reused through machines like printers and faxes again?


  7. Grummer also published a few books on paper asking techniques that are good. Especially using embossing techniques and different materials.

  8. I guess there's only a few things I do differently. I don't press the paper so firmly because in its very wet stages it's easy to distort the thickness and shape. Also I never drag the press bar across the couch as the couch can wrinkle and transfer an unwanted impression. But I do make larger sheets.
    I LOVED the way you made a simple presentation that anyone can follow! I would use it to teach my grand kids if I used that kit.
    THANK YOU for adding to the knowledge of our crafters, but especially our youth! (Oh, thanks also for reminding the young especially to keep the work space clean and orderly. It helps their concentration levels and teaches great work ethic!)

  9. thanks for sharing this! have you tried using transparent acetate or tracing paper?  i assume it would require a special material to bond the paper.

  10. Great video, so if I want to do this, where do I buy this kit? I live in Canada BC. Thank you very much.

  11. Hi Amy, great video, really. Thanks for sharing! I have a question you might answer maybe: when I made recycled paper, the paper came out really nice colour wise, but it was quite hard, almost like cardboard…and it couldn't depend on the paper I used as I made it twice using different scraps of normal paper, but both times it came out like cardboard and not easy to bend. Would you know what it can depend on? And how to get a softer paper?
    Thanks in advance! 🙂

  12. Hi there AlkieFish! I find the irony quite funny that you are correcting the spelling of the word grammar in an incomplete sentence.

  13. for more even pulp try blending it more in the blender. Then it is a matter of experimenting with the amount of pulp. Stir it around to get it even. Pull up the screen slowly and evenly as possible and if it isn't even enough, put it back in the water, stir it around and pull it back out of the water (you can add or remove pulp at this time too); until it is to your liking. You can also iron your paper to dry it flat or to flatten it after it dries. Hope this helps. Thanks for watching.

  14. You can color the paper by adding color paper in your blender paper pulp or paint after the paper is dry with whatever paint you want to use. you could even put drops of food coloring on to the paper before it is dry. Thanks, Amy

  15. Major parts of kit:
    Mesh: vinyl roll screen repair kit-easily cut with scissors..needs to be rust-proof.
    Frame: plastic or non-rusting picture frames or any other squares..other shapes are okay too~
    Epoxy, Rubber cement or other glue or stapler to make an attachment to the frame
    A riser: some way to keep the paper frame off of the work surface to let more water out by pressing (open mesh)..if you have a second larger piece of mesh ready, you can put several sheets of paper on for final drying

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