Antique Handmade Butcher's Knife RESTORATION

Antique Handmade Butcher's Knife RESTORATION

Hello Everyone, Today we Restored the antique butcher’s knife into a good looking Dagger. I got this knife from my elder brother’s junkyard i insisted him to let me restore it and i surprised him giving a restored and good looking dagger like knife. We really did alot of hardwork on this butcher’s knife and the finishing view of this restored knife is really enchanting.
And badly i did not take a good pic of old knife for thumbnail so that’s way i used patch tool to make some more rusty and attractive.

The finishing view seems like a King’s Dagger. I am still wonder that i made that pretty knife.

Antique Handmade Butcher’s Knife RESTORATION

Anyways i did restoration just for fun because the effort and time, i put on this restoration is much worthy and we even can buy such a new Butcher’s knife for less amount. So guyz watch the video just for satisfaction and for FUN i am deeply thankful to all of you who gives a thumbs up and appreciates us in comment box because your appreciation encourages us to make something new. Watching these restoring projects are good but also visit our channel to watch some DIY projects.

Thanks a lot for watching, I hope you liked the video!
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Brass is not easy to cast as like the aluminium but brass needs alot of temperature to melt down we can use our home made furnaces for melting brass. IF you to make your own furnace you can see our another project video about how to make metal melting furnace:

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o. Make a simple Metal Foundry Using Fire Bricks.

Brass Almost melts at 900°C to 940°C.Using your Homemade Furnace. While melting brass wear safety masks to avoid zinc fumes. Also Remember to wear other SAFETY stuff during casting Metal because safety is first priority.

It was totally rusted so i removed the rust with the help of DILUTE sulphuric acid. Dilution was compulsory for reaction with iron.
Remember that use the acid with complete safety and having complete information because ACIDS are not playing liquids MUST wear safety or rubber gloves and keep outside all the procedure while you are using the acid because alot of gases fumes releases while the reaction takes place.

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48 thoughts on “Antique Handmade Butcher's Knife RESTORATION

  1. let me know what should be the next restoration from my junkyard? give it 30k likes 👍 and i will start your favorite project soon 💯 👌🔥🔥

  2. I’ve been watching these videos for a while and over the past few days I’ve seen only very shitty handles. Now that’s a good lookin handle

  3. I was looking through the comments, learned that he's Arabian, and understood his taste in knife handles. And yet it's ugly af.

  4. I applaud your efforts in restoring a blade that most would consider beyond repair. With that being said as a person who has made a 40 year career with a knife in his hand I would like to make a few observations. If the intent of the restoration was simply to see if you could bring it back and use as a throw away beater blade, more like a camping knife. job well done. However if you want to truly return the blade back to it's intended usage then there are a few tweaks that you might want to address. Lets start with the handle and work forward. The handle itself is slightly on the chunky side and it should taper both in thickness and width as you move forward to the cutting blade. it make for better control and indexing of what ever your blade is cutting. Now let move on to the transition of handle to blade. for safety reason coming off the handle you should have included some form of bolster. this will protect the users hand in case of slippage. As it sets now if the blade catches on bone or sinew you run the risk of permanent damage to the hand should you slip. Let move on to the body of the blade itself. The body should be slightly convex and although it hard to tell without seeing it in person the video make me believe that this blade is quit rounded and slightly a little on the thick side. Take some time to smooth out the sides and remove some of the inclusions this will give the blade a little more flexibility with less chance of snapping which is what your looking for in a butchers knife. speaking of flexibility you want a hard edge but a slightly softer spine. one hardening the whole blade put the cutting edge in cold water once it cooled then use a torch and slightly heat up the spine. Finally the beveled edge. for a knife of this nature the bevel you have at the end is a little to sharp with less of an angle your blade will remain sharper for a longer period of time it will also be easier to hone to keep your edge retention. Again I would like to say well done an please don't take this a criticism just a critique from someone willing to pass on some knowledge.

  5. I love how this guy doesn’t have the best equipment, but he works hard and that pays off in the end.

  6. Ok you got me. This one seems worth the effort. But I thought you could have done a little better on the blade. Handle was rad. Very cool. I'd like to have that knife, its deadly.

  7. I did the 660th comment thing at around 05:57/05:58 Pm on 03/25/2019 and it's now 06:05 Pm on 03/25/2019. 06:06 Pm on 03/25/2019.

  8. You know the that shits sharp af when it's sanded by hand that also what the grit is in thousands 🔪🔪

  9. Филейный нож. Почему-то ножи такого типа бывают очень острые.

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