A Solar Powered Toy Car (Handmade)

A Solar Powered Toy Car (Handmade)

More about this project, Details, Pictures, Schematics, links and other discussions are available on my Google Blog, Follow this link:


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46 thoughts on “A Solar Powered Toy Car (Handmade)

  1. I have a 3 V .2 Amp motor, do you know what power solar board I'll need to run it. You used a 2 V 145 mA motor. What power solar board are you using to run it?

  2. oh yeah that is most likely why we are unable to find the thing that goes on the back to actually move the tires we bought every other of the supplies besides that, and that is one of the most important parts to actually have the solar power move the tires do you know if there is ANY way to find that part?? any help is good

  3. My friend and I are looking to do this for science fair where did you get the solar panel and most of the supplies is what we're wondering because we are trying to do something for global warming and your video was really helpful and we were wondering where the supplies had come from
    Thank you 🙂

  4. Incredible video SAMIMY! If you all love toy cars, check out this cute new video of the Fisher-Price Little People Skyway: https://youtu.be/gJhDA7I4f5E

  5. can i use my remote control car…and use solar panel in the place of 4 cells.????????????????????????????????+samimy

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