6 Weirdest and Most Unique Hand Made Cars

6 Weirdest and Most Unique Hand Made Cars

Transforming your car into a truly tuned masterpiece is the desire of a large number of people around the world. And, you know, for this aspiration they could go very far. Just look at this Jacuzzi car, a handmade tank from an all-terrain car, and even a pool table on wheels that could accelerate to 200 kilometers per hour! Today we’ll tell you about some amazing, and sometimes a little ridiculous, tuned cars that can’t be lost on the way.

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15 thoughts on “6 Weirdest and Most Unique Hand Made Cars

  1. hahahaha…cool, well here's an exteme modification, comes with waterfall.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LGMngFW3ONA

  2. Paramagnetic paint is fake. It was a teacher who was showing kids how to use photoshop to change colors in the foreground and people used that to create fake videos. There are people trying to make it but it isn't real yet. Sorry for the bad news!

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