5 Things You Must Know When Buying A Handmade Rug

5 Things You Must Know When Buying A Handmade Rug


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27 thoughts on “5 Things You Must Know When Buying A Handmade Rug

  1. This guy is selling 3rd class rug. What he says is basic knowledge. He us talking about 5th or 6th class rugs. DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH. the rugs behind him you will be lucky to get 10 years +

  2. Thank you! These are really good advise truly appreciated. I had been searching for a thin circular 8' rug but haven't yet found one.

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  5. I love how honest you are about the ‘gimmicks’ that rug businesses try to use on a potential customer. I always tell our clients the same thing about that (we have a rug cleaning business and sometimes they want recommendations on where to buy). The only real sale is when the business is actually GOING OUT of business and not just moving it down the streets or opening up with a different name (that is a very common thing).

  6. The main reason why rugs deteriorate prematurely, is abuse from people. How can e dealer give a warranty to a moron that places a wool rug on their bathroom floor??

  7. Such a helpful site. May I ask a question about Baluchi Kafkaz rugs ? With apologies for my spelling!

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  14. If you're buying a rug for under a dining room table, how much larger than the table should it be?

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