5 Deadliest Handmade Prison Weapons

5 Deadliest Handmade Prison Weapons

Prisoners can be very ingenuitive when it comes to making weapons…

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5 Deadliest Handmade Prison Weapons

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37 thoughts on “5 Deadliest Handmade Prison Weapons

  1. Wait, for the last one, how can we be un sure if they were ever caught? surely German police records would tell you the answer if you looked no?

  2. That hidden crucifix blade is actually pretty fucking nice, I might make a nicer version for my channel.

  3. I was in prison not once but twice where inmates had actual working loaded 22s and a 38. None of this is shocking to anyone who has been there long enough

  4. U know all yg's frm all major States hear plenty stories, I heard of homemade swords frm the gate but spears. C'mon man

  5. So my neighbor is a guard at a prison .found a sawed off shotgun shoved in a convicts anal cavity true story

  6. Wow, never seen anything like this, and I have experience working to prepare men for release from inside Indiana prisons. I've witnessed incredible ingenuity from prisoners making shanks, tattoo guns, knives from tin can lids and bombs of flammable substances. But this was informative & different. Great video guys, good job!

  7. So what? A nerfgun can fire a dart 40 feet away with marginal accuracy. If you want a prison crossbow that will let you escape, i.e. by incapacitating several people, you need something far more lethal.

  8. Necessity is the mother of invention, even if it is perverted in nature.The will of man sometimes has no limit.

  9. seen a dude get stabbed in the neck with a chair leg… when that much blood is spewing from a mans body it is black in color and you can smell it… that was one of the craziest ways i ever seen someone taken out.

  10. SPOILER,Fact 5.:Prisoner"JAIL BREAK,JAIL BREAK,JAIL BREAK"escapist:"Okay!"To this day,no one knows if they were caught.

  11. Jesus he can save He can give you peace He can heal you He can pardon your sins He can free you from curses He can build your family He can give you eternal life Best thing he is not religious

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