4 Legged Stilt Costumes – Handmade

4 Legged Stilt Costumes – Handmade

Downloadable Tutorial for sale on my Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/listing/206658064/4-legged-stilt-spirit-halloween-costume?


We made 4 legged stilt costumes for halloween. We call them stilt spirits for lack of a better name. Mine has extra large medical crutches on the arms which make it really great for your back. Very comfy! Circus peg stilts for the legs (custom made by thespinsterz.com). Garen used dry wall stilts for his legs. They are mainly made of upholstery foam (it comes in a big roll for chair cushions) and fabric. Surprisingly easy to make.

We were inspired by the Frouds who made the Landstriders in the Dark Crystal. They have seen them in person and love them! We were also inspired by Miyazaki.

Feel free to ask any questions if you’re making a similar costume and need advice.
Video belongs to me.
Music is “The Ghost Inside” which belongs to Broken Bells. Great song.

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47 thoughts on “4 Legged Stilt Costumes – Handmade

  1. Yo I'd totally pay like $1-2k just for one of these, it'd go greath with the Edward Elric armor i bought for the collection.

  2. I made this as a costume two years ago, living in a VERY small town, everyone went CRAZY when they saw it. There is not very many cool things like this where I live, so I thought I would do it.

  3. It looked like it would be in a ghibli movies tbh. It would be those gentle creatures that gives wisdom and maybe you can ride it

  4. To me it's not scary somehow. Maybe it's because I know it's just a costume or the looks of it but it's a cool costume! Keep up the good work and work hard!

  5. The thumbnail it’s like the scp raven shadow thing that follows u if it’s locked on u if u know on Roblox that scp containmet breach game the black and white face scp

  6. Idk I have a weird thing for creepy stuff but this ain't creepy for me…for some reason? It looks amazing. I wish I'm determined enough to make one of these

  7. look, all im saying is, if they were able to run at full speeds, i would shat my pantalones.

  8. You should cosplay as Landstriders from the movie Dark Crystal. Those are the beasts that Kira called over to ride. They move like your costumes already so you're a huge step there! Then get a Jen doll and Kira doll and strap them on top! (The wings would look so great too)

  9. i know im late coming to the party but I must know if you sell them and if you do how much i want one

  10. Kid
    Mommy can I take the demons for a walk today, I promise I will clean up after them
    Sure just be careful

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