3 Fun Handmade ANNIVERSARY Card Ideas For Your Boyfriend or Husband

3 Fun Handmade ANNIVERSARY Card Ideas For Your Boyfriend or Husband

Your boyfriend, husband, or significant other is a special person in your love life. Show them how much you care with a DIY handmade greeting card.

❤️ Main Stamps and Dies

Envelope Die – https://www.ellenhutson.com/essentials-by-ellen-designer-dies-envelope-sliders-by-julie-ebersole/
Sentiment Stamp – http://shrsl.com/10lyq
Love Sentiment Stamp Set – http://shrsl.com/15toj
Love Die Set – http://shrsl.com/15tov
Heart Die Set – http://shrsl.com/15tp1

❤️ Main Supplies

Watercolor cardstock – http://shrsl.com/10ssw
Stamp Positioner – http://amzn.to/2dp05YA
Coloring Markers – http://shrsl.com/129fn
Black Ink – http://shrsl.com/xq6i
Embossing Powder – http://shrsl.com/13ic4
Kraft Cardstock – https://amzn.to/2LTH1Ih

See blog post for more: https://itsmejd.com/fun-handmade-anniversary-card-ideas-for-your-boyfriend-husband-or-significant-other

Jennifer McGuire’s Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gec_0a81z7U&t=1s

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It's Me, JD

12 thoughts on “3 Fun Handmade ANNIVERSARY Card Ideas For Your Boyfriend or Husband

  1. I only noticed the ‘It’s me JD’ at the end after she said ‘(they’ll look at it and think) what is this?’ And I thought it was some funny Heathers reference.

  2. Love your videos and ideas. Your sense of humor is great …. like forgetting Anniversary thing (at least he only forgot once, right?)!

  3. JD!!!!! You are so totally talented but down to earth♡
    I don't have a significant other but I can see them being used for birthday cards or other occasions. Thank you always♡♡♡ God bless!

  4. The heart die is lovely. I've never seen one like this. Both cards are super cute. I'm not sure which I like best. The envelope card would also be great to have for kids to let them know how proud you are for things they've done.

  5. Love each of these cards, JD, especially the Heart Chart cards! What a great idea! I shared this video on my FB group page, Roberta's Artistic Adventures!

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