13 Miniature Handmade Engines

13 Miniature Handmade Engines

Original uploads in order of appearance:
V8 Nitro

V8 Challenger


V8 Chevrolet

V8 Challenger

6 Cylinder Boxer



18 Cylinder Radial

Stinger 609 V8

Flat Head V8

Schillings V8

4 Stroke IC

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37 thoughts on “13 Miniature Handmade Engines

  1. How in the hell could anyone dislike this ? Probably the same kind of people that call a cup of over priced coffee amazing.

  2. Imagine these engines where manufacturered by the same company so like lets say Subaru made a engine for there kids to play with or install a easy install for there little power wheels and it makes like 302 hp and the father is gonna be like wanna race and the police is gonna say sir where did this come from! And the son is like we got from the company sabaru thats all

  3. I wonder if this engine could be developed to operate off liquid atmosphere with frequency emitters in the pistons that causesd the liquid atmosphere to instantly revert to a gas state forcing the piston just like an internal combustion engine just with the only byproduct being fresh breathable air? 😊

  4. The one at 3:02 is not a real engine. Don't have a ignition system or fuel, and moves with air pressure. But is one of the most beautiful.

  5. The V10 & better the V12 plus the 18 cyl radial, yes! The IC with Wertheim glass cylinder even better perhaps but moreover the 32 cyl Patelo, perfect balance, is a work of fine art.

  6. neet, i have to build one of those mini gas v8s one day, or maybe even a diesel, either way it would be awesome

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