12 Pro Sewing and Quilting Hacks | Make It Handmade, Not Homemade | ZSA

12 Pro Sewing and Quilting Hacks | Make It Handmade, Not Homemade | ZSA

Take Your Sewing and Quilting to the Next Level and Create With Confidence! These are my top tips and hacks to make the difference between homemade and handmade.
0:35 A Lot of Extra Bobbins
1:01 Bodkin
1:43 Bias Tape Makers
2:14 Turning Tools
2:45 Specialty Threads
4:11 A Serger
4:48 Sharp Seam Ripper
5:22 Magnetic Pin Cushion with Glass Head Pins
5:57 Cutting Mat, Ruler, Suction Handle, and Rotary Cutter
7:16 Best Scissors
8:03 Good Steam Iron
9:05 Lit Power Strip for Iron
9:51 Specialty Feet–Edger or Blind Hem used for edging, Darning, Seam Guide, Walking Foot
11:14 Additional Ideas

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26 thoughts on “12 Pro Sewing and Quilting Hacks | Make It Handmade, Not Homemade | ZSA

  1. I'm new at this. I'm learning how to sew and I'm gathering good tips to start. I haven't even touched a sewing machine yet😊 but I'm on my way. Thanks for the video and for passing on your years of experience and knowledge.

  2. I got a bit fed up watching this type of video because everyone has the same tools & tips. I can't stress enough that this one is different. Not only tools I haven't seen, but ways to use them that hadn't occurred to me, like duh! Thanks!

    That said, I purchased a surgical seam ripper and I love it. It's easier to get the curved blade into tight spots, and it's extremely sharp {needs a little care & practice}. I had to glue some silicon shelving liner {the poofy plastic stuff with the x's} around the handle because it's a little hard to hold for long periods, but that did the trick. The silicon liner has an infinite number of other sewing uses as it keeps things from sliding around.

  3. In South Africa we don't have wash away thread, please can you send me a link or web addy where I can import

  4. I like the idea of suction handles for safety. I need to invest in this. I also heard that going to a local hardware store and going to the bathroom aids for the elderly would be much cheaper and do the same job. I will look at home depot.

  5. What happened to the sound at the end of talking about irons all the way to the end??? It was a good video, but I needed the sound as I didn't recognize the feet or what you were talking about with the pot holders.

  6. The Japanese "dollar" store, Daiso, sells a kit with bodkins in it. If I remember correctly, the price is $1.50.

  7. Great sewing tips but these had nothing to do with making your items look handmade versus homemade just making sewing easier!!

  8. Oh my! Your an amazing artist! I just went into your vellums Oh I'm so excited I don't understand why you haven't come up on my YouTube searches in past months and all of a sudden today your on Google searches? Why wouldn't "The Tube" have you available to me when I looked up art quilting basics? Oh well I found you that's what matters. Maybe it has to do with fate! lol. I'm a true believer in prayer!

  9. I opened Google today and there you were! Thanks so much I'm so interested in doing some fabric art I have no clue what I'm doing! "NO CLUE" I am starting a sewing group but I'm trying to collect the basics and this vellum is very helpful to me I hadn't even thought about irons "Duh" Amazingly enough I have 2 in my closet that are amazing! Gifts from family cause they think I'm a wrinkly person! lol. I'm a cargo pants person!! But this was very helpful I'm on a mission today to acquire each object for "free" or on a budget! But I will invest in the scissors and wheel cutter thingamajiggy! And mat! I'm subscribed. I have a vision in my mind of what I want to make so I just have to learn how to make it a reality! I've been picking up fabric of all kinds for months and I'm going today to a local charity that has tons of fabric donated! My goal is to make a beautiful quilt and sell it to my family and donate the money to local charity! My community helps people a lot! a lot! And I want so much to help them to keep helping those in need! They have helped me beyond anything I could have ever needed! Things are getting rough out here and there are more an more people in need! It's the kids that bother me the most! I hate to imagine a little one going to bed hungry! So I'm going to work hard to acquire these skills and I'm going to help make a difference! Thank you for helping me learn. I want you to know that your a part of this because your my teacher, sometimes we go threw life not knowing the impact we can have on others lives an that's sad because we do impact people far an wide, "Its a "Good Thing" when it "Good"! GOD Bless you an Family.

  10. Ran over my index finger and now I NEVER cut without that handle. I am going to use many of your other tips.

  11. your so right about the sewing machine I cover it During the week. kid's, and I have it next to the window .great video trying to learn how to sew .but quilting look's like a lot of fun.thanks for the tips,

  12. I've been sewing for almost 50 years and am a professional costumer, but I learned about products today that I've never known existed! I don't quilt, which might be why, but the tools do have non-quilting applications. One trick I learned from working with leather and having my straight-edgers constantly slip while I was cutting fabric or leather, was to put 80 grit Non Skid Tape on the quilting rulers. I found a roll of it on Amazon for about $12 – totally worth every penny! It's the stuff they put on the edge of stair treads. It has been an amazing help, because I don't have the strength sometimes to stop my straight edge from sliding when I'm cutting. Although, upon your suggestion, I did just order a set of 2 suction handles from Amazon. Those will also help me do a better job of holding on to the slippery ruler! The bias tape makers are going to save me a TON of time when I make custom corsets! I'm excited about getting those! Thank you for this very helpful video!

  13. Good tips! I do almost all these things. I don't have a bodkin, and I never heard of the wash-away thread – but the rest was spot on. Great Minds 🙂

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