10 Insane Handmade Prison Weapons

10 Insane Handmade Prison Weapons

10 Insane Handmade Prison Weapons
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Prison! Nobody likes prison, not even prisoners, and they live there! Everyone is trying to get out of prison all the time, probably because it’s so dangerous! Carving a shiv is so 2016, most prisoners are developing their own chic improvised weapon lines in order to stay ahead of the gang. These are the ten most creative prison break weapons!

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Featuring the most creative handmade items:
10. Razor Whip
9. Dummy Submachine Gun
8. Shotgun
7. Chair Leg Nunchucks
6. Toothbrush Crossbow
5. Paper Knife
4. Scalding Hot Chocolate
3. Sliming
2. The Classic Shiv
1. Spears

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47 thoughts on “10 Insane Handmade Prison Weapons

  1. The nra must applaud people for having the ability to actually make guns because people making homemade guns can easily get their hands on a real loaded gun without having to purchase one because lots of people have illegally obtained guns in the United States by making them homemade and is the government gonna stop these kinds of people not unless the government decides to put really good gun control laws in place and gets through the nra first

  2. Um how do you not know what's good or bad? I mean the text on every item is either red or green! Red means bad and green means good! Is it really that hard to find out?

  3. So much BS commentary just to get over the 10 minute mark. This could have been a 5 minute video.
    Btw it sounded like your name was sonofabitch.

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