Hand-made Mint Chocolate Truffles (Part 2) – Gordon Ramsay

Hand-made Mint Chocolate Truffles (Part 2) – Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay and his little helpers make mint chocolate truffles using dark chocolate, cream and honey. Subscribe for weekly videos.

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43 Comments on "Hand-made Mint Chocolate Truffles (Part 2) – Gordon Ramsay"

    It must be so nice having Gordon as your father, you can learn so much from him with all his years of experience! Jack will be a big hit with the ladies if he learn some of his dads recipes!

    I am an indian guy.. 17 years old want to do wonders with you in your kitchen give me chance.. I would prove it right away btw a great fan of yours

    Dead as chef ramsy all he does it complain about people restaurants if they want it like that then they can have it like that so shut the hell up chef ramsy u ugly as boy

    Not trying to be creepy but i love hearing him just TALK not yell ,scream, or curse just be calm and happy makes me feel calm as well

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