Hand Made Books – Time Lapse Video

Hand Made Books – Time Lapse Video


4 Comments on "Hand Made Books – Time Lapse Video"

    Very valuable video! Where do you get those cool papers? Are they from a vintage newspaper? And how many sheets of paper per signature? Also, do you have a pattern or tutorial on how to make the fabric portion of the binding?

    Hey Cath,  I love the layout of your books in the beginning.  Can you maybe slow the video down and make a part 2.   Really want to see your design.  Love that you use all kinds of papers.   Thanks

    Your books are entirely charming and adorable, but … watching this never really gave me the idea that I now know how to make a book. Kind of like how Sesame Street doesn't really teach you how to read : )
    I guess how-to is available elsewhere, and this does give an idea of how to produce a lot of books at once. Enjoyable!

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