Hand crafted All clay 0$ Clay Rocket Stove (better version)

Hand crafted All clay 0$ Clay Rocket Stove (better version)

Lorena Energy saving Stove by “Send a Cow” demonstration of fuel saving all clay with virtually zero expenses hand crafted rocket stove, originated in Africa. This will be best used in greenhouses, while saving energy. When properly dried and fired this turns into one block of clay. Imagine cooking your food on it (or heating water) and leaving it to radiate the heat into your greenhouse! Must watch and build!

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    See what children in poor countries are learning ,thank god there is hope for mankind ….what are your first world children doing ?…..that’s right..nothing… same as mine ….great video

    What they have made is absolutely beautiful! But at the beginning of the video it's asking to send innocent beings like a cow to them to be enslaved. I would rather teach them how to grow things with what they have and live off of plant protein. Amazing things can be done with gardening and I've watched people in videos on their way to the dump passing up hundreds of pounds of edible wild food. It can be ground into flour the seeds everything about all these plants that I see them living amongst are edible so I would never send another living being to be tortured are put into a situation that I wouldn't want to be in our want someone else to be in. Being vegan open your eyes. Sending a cow to die isn't going to help them in the long run it's just going to make another living being that wants to live suffer.

    Great job, very well done. Dual stove from mud. Earthen stoves are very common in villages of Pakistan also, very easy to make and no fancy stuff. Still, we have mud houses in villages and to be honest they are very cool. I miss that in USA.

    Il est probablement très efficace, et facile à réaliser, mais ce n'est pas un rocket stove. Ce dernier permet une combustion presque totale grâce à un chemin descendant que les flammes sont obligées de prendre, et ce n'est pas le cas ici

    Very simple construction, although not shown fired,it seems very energy efficient, less cost,properly explained. Music is so sweet!!!!!thnks.

    Any style of fuel efficient stove is a great step up. It's basically the same skills as used in building houses in much of rural Uganda so that makes it very accessible. Love the thought of adding the chimney to reduce smoke ( & respiratory problems) but I think the version made with bricks is ultimately simpler and way quicker.

    zarifa3 could you show/demonstrate how the stove works? I'm curious how it works since the pans sits below the surface not like a conventional stove. thanks

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