GIVEAWAY CONTEST Mockingjay Pin Custom Handmade Polymer Clay ***CLOSED 4/30/2012***

GIVEAWAY CONTEST Mockingjay Pin Custom Handmade Polymer Clay ***CLOSED 4/30/2012***

***CLOSED 4/30/2012***

1. NO SORE LOSERS! Don’t enter if you will be angry you didn’t win, I only have 1 pin to give away and many people will want it but only 1 person gets it.
2. This is a RANDOMLY PICKED COMMENT CONTEST. Comment as many times as you want. (Spam is OK)
3. Your comment *MUST* contain the words “enter me”. (so I know it’s an entry comment and not a random comment or question). You can write other words too, or sentences or whatever, and you can write “enter me” however you want (capital letters, designs, smilies,etc) but you must have “enter” and “me” in the comment for it to be valid.
4. This contest is INTERNATIONAL. You can live anywhere on Earth and have a chance of winning.
5. I’m not going to answer any or all questions on this video! There will be way too many comments for me to read and YouTube’s comment notification system sucks… so PM me or ask me questions on a different video.
6. Contest ends April 30th, at 11:59 PM EST (eastern standard time, google it) That’s 1 minute before May 1st.
7. Winner will be randomly chosen using (page and comment #)
8. You MUST “Like” and “Favorite” this video, and you MUST be a subscriber to win.
9. When I pick the winner, I will look to see if this video is in their Favorites section. If you have your “Favorites” hidden so people can’t see them, I will choose another page and comment# to win.
10. You need to be 18 years old or older, or have parent’s permission to enter this contest.
11. Don’t be rude or insulting in your comments (to me or to other youtubers). If The thing picks a comment that is insulting a youtuber, I will choose a different page and comment#.
12. By entering this contest, you understand and agree to the following: This is a hand-made replica of a mockingjay pin. It in NOT metal, it is NOT durable. It is made of polymer clay, with a wooden arrow stick. It can be broken if you are not careful with it. Since it is handmade, it is not perfect. It may have minor flaws or defects. It was not made to wear, so if you glue a pin backing to it and wear it, you risk breaking it.

27 Comments on "GIVEAWAY CONTEST Mockingjay Pin Custom Handmade Polymer Clay ***CLOSED 4/30/2012***"

    DAMN IT! Too late! WHY DIDNT I DISCOVER YOU BEFORE!?! It would have been 1 month before my birthday!!!! NOOOOOO!!!

    Sorry, i forgot to write " enter me " on my first comment, so ill rewrite it ; thank you so much for giving everyone a chance to win thise beautiful pin. I cant believe you made it ( if you did ) its beautiful, and even if i dont win ; thanks!

    I love your videos, and the hunger games! Thank you so much for posting this and giving people the chance to win this. Even if i dont, thanks

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