First ever hand made Jagdkommando Knife Part 2

First ever hand made Jagdkommando Knife Part 2


Jim Skelton

Video made for entertainment purpose. Enjoy.

1.5 inch thick round bar
O1 Tool Steel
7/8 inch radius handle
¼ inch drilled holes

Carbide scribe
Bessey Vise
Dewalt Drill
Dewalt Grinder
American Vermont Drill bits
1-2-3 Blocks
Milwaukee Band Saw
Craftsman 2×42 Belt Sander
Nicholson files
Center punch
Shop Fox W1668 ¾-HP 13-Inch Bench-Top Drill Press/Spindle Sander
Grizzly G9618 Dial Height-Gauge, 6-Inch
Map Gas torch
Canola quenching oil
Personalizer Plus Logo etching machine- knifemaking . com
T and Tely stencils-TUS Technologies . com
Dykem blue layout fluid
Rhynowet Redline Sandpaper
TACKLife Rotary Tool-RTD35ACL-Amazon

EDCi Formula-rust/corrosion protectant

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24 Comments on "First ever hand made Jagdkommando Knife Part 2"

    It's fully illegal, in every other Country you go to jail for breaking the weapon law. Nice for show, but when it's not war and the enemy will see you with this knife, you will see some bad days in future and a very painfull death.

    Any dagger can kill no matter how many sharp edges it has. Then why some are illegal and some are not? Please someone tell me.

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