DragonEye 18kt gold ring handmade

DragonEye 18kt gold ring handmade

I was required to produce a ring suitable to be worn by rock band or heavy metal artists. I decided to make a ring on the kind dragon eye rings. I hope you will like if you can share it. Can you help me in my work by making comments and giving me new ideas. Thank Nikhil S that gave me the inspiration to make this ring.

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    Как для цыганей и негров то Круто!)) А так кустарщина не дать ! Не взять!))

    Увидел тематику дракона сразу лайк ваткнул без базара 🤘👍

    Гораздо проще и быстрее сделать тоже самое на воске,1) без усилий в обработке 2) быстрей по времени 3) экономней в плане затрат металла (тут угар просто чудовищный выходит)

    please will u do a portrait of my deceased son someone murdered him it doesnt matter how u do it etched flat on a surface or 3D either way????????????????????🙏👏🏆💍👍😥

    Scaffoal, you have mega talent. I get pleasure watching all your videos as if I myself am doing the goldsmithing! – the photography is that great. Question: It looks like you used an amethyst in this ring. If so, how could it take the heat?

    I've seen his work , looks cool. Has anyone made a or ordered a specific ring it has to be made if one wants it to be on their own specifications. I think this guy did good.

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