DIY Ottoman Made From a TIRE! – HGTV Handmade

DIY Ottoman Made From a TIRE! – HGTV Handmade

Furniture can be expensive, but if you’ve got a spare tire, you can use it to make a cozy ottoman!

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39 Comments on "DIY Ottoman Made From a TIRE! – HGTV Handmade"

    The bottom is giving me anxiety.I would have to take the extra fabric and cover that little wood part 🤣💯.Dope project

    Great, creative! As a future add on, use disposable gloves from the hardware or dollar store to do these DIYs. They act as a second, disposable layer for all chores & tasks.
    Beautiful piece.

    Nice!! I've seen other versions of this before but you both attach your rounds differently. I like the legs you used. Great idea to sale custom ottomans!! 🤔14"tires in kids rooms etc. I must pitch this idea.

    Por favor parce una bolaa de pelooo andante ,si ya de por si una rueda tiene volumen ,y tú añades dos maderas ,gruesas !!!!! para mí las fastidiado .se ve que te pagan por anunciar ,el marketing .de la empresa de las erramientas

    I LOVE that idea/DIY! Too bad I don’t have enough space in my living-room to put an ottoman 🥺🥺🥺 If I move someday, I’ll make one using your technique! It’s stunning! 💗

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