DIY: How to Make Envelope or Envelopes/ handmade envelopes

DIY: How to Make Envelope or Envelopes/ handmade envelopes

This video describes how to make enveloped from scratch. I just used a simple process, construction paper, glue, few colors, glitters to decorate them. Use can design it according to the season, occasion or theme. You can write your questions below..

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    Its awsome fabolus i have tried it and in 2 hour i have made 30 card and its very simple and esay..😘😘i just luv it

    mam mujhe aisa project banana hai Jo ekdam alag style ka ho jaise hum kuch cards banae aur use kisi chiz me dalna hai air jab teacher ko dikhane Ke time pe alag style she khole

    Can you suggest some soft board borders for ganesh chaturthi please your video is so awesome👍👍👍👍👍👍

    hey why do you always keep saying " you know … you know … you know ………………and on and on…."throughout this video I just heard you saying …."you know …. "then again … you know… tell me what is your problem girl……are you crazy about you know….

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