DIY Handmade Paper Using Grass

DIY Handmade Paper Using Grass

Botanical Papermaking

The procces in how to make paper using grass from the srounding landscape in Tolne, Denmark.

Connecting with an ancient process to seek a deeper relationship with the land. Creating alternative ways avoiding harmful toxic chemicals that are released into the air air in the process of commercial production that becomes environmentally destructive.

This became more about the process itself as an experiment for discovery.

Here you can learn about the conscious ways to use resources sustainably.

Have fun experminting!

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~ Chloe Laurence ~

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29 Comments on "DIY Handmade Paper Using Grass"

    What’s the finished product look like? How do you use it? Does it hold up to traditional stationary/art supplies? How does it compare to normal copy paper?

    Im not sure how fine the plant material was broken down, but to make a good sheet, all of that pulp you made needs to be diluted in the water better so the fibers actually grab onto one another when the water drains, similar to how the two pieces of Velcro grab on to each other. That will give you the strongest and most consistent basis weight of the sheet

    Hi my name is Rose I like your videos can you use a swerves screen civ so I can see what it like love Rose

    nice and very ingenious, you made a sheet of paper but you used gas to boil grass worth 10 sheets of paper, a very profitable business ….

    What is that jacket you're wearing called? I'd like to buy something similar as I need something comfortable (and cute ofc) to work in 🙂

    what a crappy tutorial. Where is the stupid "paper"? can't believe I wasted my time watching this pathetic video. It's funny to me how whenever some people gets the chance to brag about how green and connected to the planet earth they are. By making this so called "paper" she is probably never going to use she just spent tons of water in making it, plus on cleaning up the mess, plus cooking gas or electricity in something she's probably will never use. Gots the nerve to say "I feel connected to the planet". If you don't wAnt bad comments, don't post fake tutorials and making me waste my time.

    What in Tarnation have you done that shit is crazy what's it suppose to be and I thought you were making paper, but I like your house and yard

    to the 200 a.d. elder : "hi i'm from the future and i will show you how to make writing sheets to spread your knowledge through the realm … and you will need a high speed blender from my epoch, year 1990"

    …there is no point if you use a blender ><

    I think you missed the part where you press it. Any weight works, up to the equivalent of a few people standing on top of a sandwich of 2 thick metal or wood (or plastic or stone/cement/terracotta) panes/panels, with two layers of textile between what's to become paper. That should get rid water and make it more difficult to break apart. The pressing usually takes 2 or more days, after which the top layer of textile is removed with the bottom layer still attached, and left to dry somewhere. The drying also takes a few days, usually, but some use an oven for that. After that, you have paper of good enough quality to make a book.

    The lady is correct in cooking the plant material in order to break down its cellular structure. You can then pulp it up in a blender. Using dried grass would be akin to using sawdust. Do your own research and have fun.

    Ridiculous video, you're not even making paper, you're just shredding boiled grass and making pizzas out of it in the back garden??? I'm sure your house smelt terrible aswell after you boiled it up like that. Madness. Left me heckin perplexed¡ I do like the idea though and will make some paper out of grass myself, dry grass though. Not fresh grass, I think that was your problem, anyway we'll see how it goes. I'd like to see you make paper out of something else though- or maybe make a mould and deckle out of something you found in the garden? That'd be great.

    You don't show the paper at any point. Isn't it super dark? Also you didn't iron it out, so wouldn't it be way too lumpy to actually write/print/screen on?

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