DIY Hand Made Copper & Wood Entry Light

DIY Hand Made Copper & Wood Entry Light

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Full Tutorials on how I made this here-

Check Out Jon Peters Painting of Jimi Hendrix with Rust and Steel Here-

I needed a light for my front entrance… So I decided to make a wall sconce style entry light out of copper and cedar. Enjoy!

21 Comments on "DIY Hand Made Copper & Wood Entry Light"

    Man, I remember your house from a ways back. The work you've done on it since is outstanding. You've turned it from a simple property into a gallery/home! Any chance you can gives us YT folks a tour or an exterior walk around?

    Man.. your work is amazing I love your style and you truly have the gift of gab. I aspire to have your level of skill one day!

    Samurai…….dont know if you and Alec Steele stay in touch but he is in desperate need of display cases for his earlier works. I mean theyre just haphazardly hanging off plain drywall. They deserve better……..what do you say?

    Hey Jesse, I think this is the second time the house number has been visible in one of your videos that I've seen… just want to let you know so you can blur it so you can have your privacy.

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