DIY crafts: Gorjuss rag doll tutorial easy CRAFT – handmade – Youtube – Isa ❤️

DIY crafts: Gorjuss rag doll tutorial easy CRAFT – handmade – Youtube – Isa ❤️

In this video I teach you how to make a Gorjuss rag doll



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47 Comments on "DIY crafts: Gorjuss rag doll tutorial easy CRAFT – handmade – Youtube – Isa ❤️"

    made it from your pattern but used different material and wool hair and embroidered all feature made my my clothes out of old denim and crochet shoes n flower for hat

    it's adorable, but I think you rushed past the hair and clothing. I looked at the template and do not see measurements. Also, where do you get the doll wigs?

    very pretty… just what i was looking for today!…. how about a larger doll, could the pattern be bigger? Thank YOu!

    Could you make a longer video on this? With every single step. Expecially on the head. I don't understand what is put inside

    Such a lovely doll! I didn't know that it would be so relatively easy to sew. Thanks for showing the technique. 👍😊❤️

    Hi, folks ! I checked her blog and found the template, however the measurements are not available. The site is in Spanish as well.  When you see this : " Pincha aqui para ver el patron de la muñeca",  click on that  and it will take you to  the template. About the clothes, she says to use old clothes, to use our imagination or  to find tutorials on the internet, as there are many beautiful ones available. It is not very helpful, but that is all there is. I hope this can help a bit.

    hi ! i really need to make this doll asap so you think you can clarify some things for me ? I noticed you haven't answered to other questions posted here, but i'll ask. Can you please share the patterns agains and how did you make the hair ? what are those? how did you put the hair like that because the video is fast forward and i couldn't see much. Ok, thanks for the video,
    you really helped me!😊Also what's that top you cut made from ? cotton?

    can you please tell me where I can get a pattern for this I love this little doll I cannot seem to get on your website because it is only Spanish and cannot read Spanish thank you so much

    Hi there! The link to the pattern doesn't work, could you please help…I'd love to try and make this..also does the doll Stand because the stuffing is tight or just the pattern is such

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